solo car

solo car

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    reminds me of goldmembers ride


    Probably gets great gas mileage.


    Do want. Sauce plz.
    I’d like to get one for the commute…


    I actually really kind of want this. I guess my girl would ride in the trunk. Hmm. Or strapped to the hood.


    She will go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene!


    I’m sticking my kids or dead bodies chopped into chunks in the trunk. sweet


    The trunk does look roomy. Almost like you could modify it to have another seat with a gunner on the back. Good for running from zombies? Of course not, you never get in cars to run from zombies. And oh SHIT! Is that thing a trike? Small car = suck small trike car = WINNING FCUKIN WINAAR!


    Gearhead alert. That is a Sparrow basic model uses a 250ccmotorcycle engine, so registration, and taxed in the us of a as a motorcycle. There is a custom upgrade(supposedly) called the SparrowHawk with a 90+cubic inch Harley engine. (yeah went looking for one after seeing it in Goldmember.)


    Does this remind anyone else of the movie Brazil?


    I test drove one similar in Minnesota a few years back. If you think of it for the one-man commutes which seems to be the majority, and as a year-round motorcycle in places where there is serious winter, it makes a lot of sense. Wish I’d bought it.


    @SumoSnipe: That smell in the air what is it? OHHH Its BS… This is a Corbin Sparrow. Its a fully electric car that runs off of 13 standard car batteries and has a standard driving distance of 30 miles. CORBIN SPARROW SPECIFICATIONS: 156 Volt DC comprising of 13 12-volt batteries in a series. 75 MPH (governed)top speed, 25 HP continuous, 40 HP peak. Realistic 25-30 mile range between charges Cog belt drive, disc brakes on all three wheels Three point safety harness, automotive safety glass, low center of gravity Double A arm front suspension, single-sided rear swing arm Specs: 1350… Read more »


    @Sub: well thank you sub. I will not believe anything printed by Popular Mechanics ever again….


    No prob,

    Your not too far off but your not inline.

    The car that you are talking about is the Merlin its a front engine car and can be seen here. The rights to the Corbin have been sold to a Washington based company.


    @javboy: Reminds me of Urkels ride…


    @Sub: Ah ha, got my wires crossed. oh well just goes with getting old….