Kitty Climbers

Kitty Climbers

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    soo much pussies.. now this is what i’m talking about


    It’s too late for me! RUN! Save yourselves! Go go now get to the choppah!!!!


    Cute overload.
    *head explodes in a flurry of rainbows*


    lol! I’d like to die that way XD


    So that other post about cats trying to take over the world was true…this is just a live demonstration. Notice how the human is totally unaware of anything and the boss cat is unaffected by whats going on because she/he is the one behind it.


    Kitties are cuuuuuute.


    my g/f is allergic to kitties… 🙁 I’m hoping I can convince her in the future to get shots for it so we can still have one.


    Guess the one on the floor is too lazy to join them


    No, it is just when they get heavy and have REAL claws, that shit hurts.. the one on the ground has been swatted a few times.. I screamed like an 8 year old girl when my cat did that to me…

    Luke Magnifico

    We’re doomeded.


    @Stolid: Honestly, grow some balls. I love fighting/wrestling/playing with my dog and getting her vicious. She still knows who’s boss afterwards and it helps her get violent for any intruders.

    tiki god

    @Stolid: was playing L4D the other night, and kinda got spooked by a fucking hunter, forgetting that I had my 6 month old kitten on my lap. she freaked out and dug all her claws into my thigh, and I screamed and threw her across the room. she hit the floor rolling and jumped up and meowed at me and went running up my stairs. My terrier woke up to the situation and starting barking and chasing the cat up the same stairs. It was around this time that my other cat realized that there was something going on and… Read more »


    @tiki god: lmao
    I can totally picture that.


    Climb, my minions CLIMB!!! The fuds will all be OURS!!!! MUA HA HA HAHAHA HA AHHAHAHA HAHAHAHHAHA… *cough*…