Vader and Threepio

threepio.jpg (394 KB)

Another moving Darth Vader pic.

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    Whos ever posting these, keep em coming


    Yeah, I liked this a lot


    So do I, it’s awesome to see these vader “still has a heart” pics.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I lawled. I’m not sure I was supposed to, but I did.


    Don’t see quiet reflection shown well in comics often.

    Billy Manic

    Manly Tears.


    I “aaawww”d


    This is a GREAT way to hide the fact Anakin creating C-3PO is ridiculous. Making the best out of what Lucas’ flabby chin spat out.


    In my mind he used to be this bad-ass Jedi- exterminator and now I see him wanting to make out with a 3P0?! Day by day my childhood is raped. Oh, and for anyone who grew up in the ’80s, don’t go back and watch you favorite cartoons. It’s a more than disappointing. M-M-M-MASK!!!


    Gtfo over yourselves.

    If Lucas wants to make Luke and Han have gay sex, that is HIS choice, as, to be fucking honest, it is his creation. It is his choice to do what he wants with it, and you know what I say, good for him! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! God, stupid fan boys and their, “I know better then George Lucas!”


    Sorry, but “I REALLY know better then George Lucas!”

    General X

    Actually years and reams of literature criticism theory would go against you on this one awfulintentions. There is a point after which the work becomes what the audience makes of it and must leave the purvey of its creator.
    And I for one hate some of the retconing and known canon breaking that has been going on lately with the Force Unleashed work.


    What comic is this from ?



    Also of note: This actually was a kick ass scene, even despite the references to emo-vader.

    Well said, my friend.


    Two quick points: I hate emo kids. That being said, I despise people who react to any hint of humanity or emotion whatsoever in any music, movies, television etc by calling it emo. Showing a hint of character to a otherwise somewhat flat character does not make it gay. Second, George Lucas may have created the flawed and poorly written but beloved original trilogy, but that does not mean we have to accept the steaming piles of dogshit that are the modern SW and Indy franchises. sure he can do whatever the fuck he wants with them, and we can… Read more »


    so ronery…


    I don’t like the homophobia here, but…

    Old Trilogy = Bad ass, quiet engine of death Darth Vader

    New Trilogy retcon = Bad ass, quiet engine of death Darth Vader… who is secretly torn over a girl and cries when no one is looking.

    Which is cooler?




    wow, amazing, we went 7 whole comments before the hate machine jumped in, must be some record.


    General X, I don’t think Star Wars is exactly a ‘literary’ work, so your point is moot. If you want to go to literary, I can pull out all the stops. If you don’t like what he’s done, boo fucking hoo, ignore it and get on with yourself and stop bawing like the rest of these twat sicles. Ignore what you don’t like that he’s done. CruddyChicken, Do be aware no one is forcing you to buy the shit. And how does my saying George Lucas has creative rights that he can use for what ever he wishes, automatically correlate… Read more »


    Of course Lucas can do what he wants. That’s not really the point. What he’s done sux. We were all looking forward to the continuation of the franchises and we get…shit. We are allowed to complain, loudly and often, if we want. We can say he screwed the pooch on these last few movies. We can say that he shouldn’t be allowed to do another film; we can’t do anything about it really, but we can say it. Also, by being loud enough, we can perhaps influence his choices in any other movies in either franchise.