Indian Terror Attack Arrests

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The two people arrested on suspicion of supplying mobile phones to the terrorists that attacked Mubai recently. Is that really all the Indian police had available to disguise their identity?

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    Those colorful bags over their heads make them look so harmless! These pictures are adorable!


    Using brightly colored material like that makes them an easier target in case someone wishes to push something copper jacketed through their skulls.


    They’re clearly still in shock from being arrested…look at their mouths. :O


    in india is a arrested’s right to choose a cap of your taste


    One of these is Gunface’s mother. The whole terrorist story is a coverup.


    I love, love, love that pink one with the blue flowers

    shocked terrorist is shocked


    also, in the bottom pic, the shackled dude on the left has his shirt tucked into his undies



    Didn’t they have any tea cozies?


    Behold the mighty Terrurist!


    But it’s good because they’re humiliating them in public. They should show the faces in those silly flower hoods to make them look like idiots on the news.


    will this be the next new hot fashion trend a la the keffiyeh?


    I say they’d both look better with a little Cu moving through those hoods at speeds measured in feet per second.


    I imagine the police are concealing the suspects’ identities so that they (the suspected phone-procurers) can live long enough to turn in some more of their co-conspiritors.
    @jascas_: After they’ve been convicted, or before? This makes me realize I have no idea what the Pakistani legal system is like. I wonder if you’re “innocent until proven guilty” there. For that matter, I wonder if they’ll be extradited to India.


    I was wondering why my sheets had large sections missing. If they were working making my sheets and towels like they should have been, none of this would have happened.

    Billy Manic

    The best part is they turned out to be undercover cops, and now there’s a major shitstorm about it.


    @Twee…well, since my assertion is based on my assumption they are guilty (which, of course, they may not be), I say rightnow would be fine.

    And I have no idea what their legal system is like either…


    dude.. that flower pattern is exactly what I’m looking for! I wonder if they sell it at Fabric Barn…