Hobbit Kiss

Hobbit Kiss

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    Movie trilogy was better than expected. I’m usually thoroughly disappointed by movies based on books, especially in this genre.


    Never seen the movies but this is uber sweet. :*


    rule 34?


    @nyokki: Viggo Mortenson or Hugo Weaving? If you had to pick one….


    Sean Astin (aka Sam) came to my college – a community college in a golf resort town full of crotchety old conservatives – earlier this year, apparently for the sole purpose of telling us to vote for Obama. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


    I wish I could quit you!


    @SumoSnipe: That’s easy – Viggo Mortenson. I first saw him in GI Jane and fell madly in love.


    @dieAntagonista: That is the most female thing you have ever uttered. Excluding the uber. But the whole just of it, thats what I meant.


    @dieAntagonista: GO WATCH THEM NOW.

    @nyokki: I agree completely. My son still watches them once a month. I still get goosebumps when the Balrog shows up.
    @SumoSnipe: I’m not here to comment on his handsomeness, but Viggo in Eastern Promises was amazing. The bath house scene makes me flinch just remembering it, and the gesture he makes at people when he touches his throat is chilling. Also, he went to Russia and hung out with shady people just to master that role.


    @Tardex: Haha really? Wait, does that mean I usually sound like a guy, oh no.

    @suicydking: Eastern Promises oh yeah, the outcome can be only magnificent when you combine Viggo+Naomi+a genius who also goes by the name of Cronenberg. That thing about Viggo going to Russia is pretty neat, didn’t know that. But I was seriously amazed at how convincing he was. What a performance. He even managed to look Russian.


    @suicydking: Sorry, couldn’t read what you wrote.

    tiki…I can’t read many of the comments because the go into the tags (and the buy tiki a beer link). Is that me or is e1 getting that?


    Correct title should have been:

    You gonna get raped.


    @nyokki: It was like that for me, yesterday. But after closing the browser and opening it up again, it went back to normal.


    @nyokki: There were a lot of things changed or left out in the movies that I wasn’t happy with. However, overall and taken on their own merits, they were great movies. I just wish they’d been able to work in the Scouring of the Shire. Watching a Hobbit rebellion woulda rocked. 🙂


    @dieAntagonista: I’ve tried that. Sometimes it works, other times, not.

    @Tyger42: That about sums it up. I realize that turning 3 rather dense books into even a 9 hour movie was going to have to leave a lot out. But, yes, overall it kept the feel of the books.


    for movies it was well and wonderfully done. The only way I can think of to do it and cover everything in the books is to make a long miniseries out of it….
    I’m a big fan,but by this scene I just wanted the movie OVER! I got too pumped up at the charge of the Rohierim, and was just tired.


    Dirty little hobbitses.


    This has gone on this long and nobody has made any direct comments about how gay this is?

    Frodo: <> “Shhhhhhh… Just get on your knees.”


    Viggo as Satan in the first ‘Prophecy’ movie was amazing…gives me shivers every time I watch it.


    @Proctojew: We were waiting for you.


    this is so gay…


    @Proctojew: And then you had to ruin it. I was actually seeing a glimmer of hope for humanity.


    that is *hawt*


    @ Tyger42

    If you are looking for places to find hope for humanity, the internets are the worst place to look, especially this site. You should know that by now. 😛