Roman Colosseum

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    I have been there. It’s beautiful and most impressive.


    I was there once. The some dude appeared out of nowhere, and another guy shot this awesome electricky lookin thing at him.

    It was awesome.


    when in rome, do as the romans: feed christians to the lions.


    Good luck with that. Italy is the most religious country in all of Europe.


    camusapprentice: That movie was better than I expected.


    : I had the same kind of impression. I think the movie was superior, but I also think the ending sucked. It left me saying in my head “thats it?”

    But what was there was very entertaining.


    What movie are you talking about. I wanna know too.


    Puulaahi: Ow. Never mind then. It’s not something I was gonna watch anyway.


    Dude, its really not that bad. You might find you enjoy it.


    I recently caught a show on the History Channel about the Colosseum, and was blown away by all of the technology invented to build this wonder that we still use today.

    tiki god


    jumper was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I’m happy that it’s only part one of a trilogy!


    Why watch heartless movies (that very well may be the best ones you’ve ever seen) when you can watch intelligent and independent movies while supporting poor filmmakers that put all their heart into them.
    I don’t know, maybe I’d like Jumper very much, but there are just too many Jumpers out there already.


    dieAntagonista: Because we don’t have vaginas.


    Also, I was watching this web series, which started out independent as well. One day they started talking about Jumpers in their videos, turns out they got paid to add the concept of Jumpers into their script. It’s just too cheap.


    the3g_ipwn: Ugh. Alright it’s an argument I can’t say anything against really, I’ll admit that.


    dieAntagonista: Your logic is flawed, sure there are great independent movies but they are not all inherently intelligent and the majority that I have seen have been uninspiring, while some of the biggest blockbusters recently have been some of the best films ever, breaking records and setting new ones for awards and profits. And no profits are not everything, and you have a right to an opinion, but I couldn’t disagree with your statements more.


    dieAntagonista: I wasn’t arguing your point. I was just pointing out the fact that I don’t have a vagina. Wasn’t sure you were aware.

    Now I’m sad…..


    the3g_ipwn: I was totally aware, only a guy makes comments like you.

    BowToMe: How is my logic flawed, I didn’t say all independent movies are intelligent. I said, why not watch one that is? I’m pretty good at finding the ones that are, and the thing is, even if they aren’t, you know at least you didn’t support something that pathetic rich people helped produce just to become even richer.
    You can’t deny that ridiculous advertisements are all in your face everywhere, and well guess what, I don’t like being brainwashed.
    So like I said, a big blockbuster movie may very well be intelligent, awesome – everything that you want. But I don’t care to support that. Sometimes I do watch them, but with the great Internets you can find countless better and independent movies that actually deserve your attention as a human, not as a wallet. That’s just a principle of mine, nothing really flawed about it.
    Same goes for music.


    tiki god: Jumpers was only part 1? Have the other 2 been released yet? I saw it a few months ago, #1 son dl’d it, so I don’t know when it was actually made.


    dieAntagonista: Well, now that we done got that out the way!


    I’d like to see Jumpers. I think it’s based on a pretty good young adult novel by the same name. It was the sort of book that seemed like it would translate to the screen pretty well. You never can tell though. I’d also like to see the collosseum.


    Been there, done that… It was pretty cool to look at. But just to stand there thinking about how many thousands of humans were killed and eaten there by wild, starved animals… It was almost sickening realizing how small the place actually was, and how at that time (among many in history) being born a Jew/Christian was almost a death sentence.. Humans can be down right appalling at times.. It is amazing how cruel we can be to one another.


    Not if you are the unwilling recipient of said violence..


    Stolid: Then you put on one HELL of a show and make your fated death unforgettable.

    I think a modern televised Colosseum is the perfect solution to the overcrowded jail problem. Let *violent* criminals fight to the death for our amusement instead of just rotting in captivity. I think anyone predisposed to violence would rather fight and die with a bit of glory and honor rather than rot in a box for 25 to life.


    And replace the lions and tigers with Battle Robots!


    Stolid: Also, that number of people killed in the arena was paltry and negligible compared to how many people died on the battlefields and from diseases, so pfft, whatever. Most of them were criminals anyway. Or jews and christians, so, again, pffft, whatever. If they had faith they’d be fine, right?


    : This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. Combining this with a “The Running Man” style TV show and some pay-per-view income, it’s an absolute winner.


    Rocko: As a child I always wondered why we couldn’t watch death row criminals fight to the death on TV in gladiator style death matches.

    I was a cool kid.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I wondered that too.


    NOW THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!! lol.. I’d pay to watch that! But only if it’s battle robots and criminals.. (who volunteered of course!!)


    dieAntagonista: “Way of the dragon”, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

    and second half of jumper 2 will be projected in a different cinema

    and jumper 3 will be released before jumper 2


    Am I the only one that thought this looked yonic?


    Finn: I suppose it could be womb-like. I certainly wouldn’t be unlike the Romans to build something yonic.



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