Karl Marx Quote on Religion

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Religion is the opiate of the masses.
-Karl Marx

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    Ad hominem in 3… 2… 1…


    Oh, and for those that keep misusing ad hominem:


    A Karl Marx Quote ? Wow, thanks for nothing.

    Screw Karl and the rest of his Karl schoolboy bitches.


    You could drag humankind almost anywhere by manipulating the enormous energies of procreation. You could goad humans into actions they would never have believed possible. …This energy must have an outlet. Bottle it up and it becomes monstrously dangerous. Redirect it and it will sweep over anything in its path. This is an ultimate secret of all religions.

    ~Bashar Miles Teg


    we will follow a different path.

    see how well THAT worked.


    or there’s the equally as true:
    “Opiate is the religion of the masses.”


    “karl marx is the opiate of the masses”


    Look, I don’t really care what this guy is saying. He is a communist-freedom-hating-bastard, and nothing that he says can be true.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Paul_Is_Drunk: You called that one perfectly. Although Namelis1 took his time.


    I for one, like communists.


    Namelis1, i have a sneeking suspicion that you are either A) a republican B) a troll or C) all of the above


    8870949: Try sarcasm.


    1) Vent is a druggie FAIL
    2) Marx is jewish, and by saying religion is the opiate of the masses, he means he wants all forms of life to be addicted to judaism and no other religion
    3) Communism FTW
    4) Tacos Rule


    Karl only said that because he lived in a time before television.


    Watterson only said that because he drew that comic before the intarblogwebsphere went high speed.

    Calvin & Hobbes for the win!

    Louis E.

    Resistance is futile.


    “I do not trust any russian. As soon as a russian worms his way in, all hell breaks loose.” –Karl Marx


    8870949: Republican trolls don’t exist. Republicans cant use technology and computers.

    Now if I was a banjo player, it would be a whole different story.


    “Doo bee doo bee doo.” -Sinatra


    Marx, why you gotta look down on opiates like that?


    reboot: I have 45 minutes here. What was the over/under on that?


    dieAntagonista: Sarcastameters don’t work online.

    The recommended path to take is following sarcastic comments with a tongue smiley, 😛 -or- =P, or if you loath smileys, sarcastic html text, making it sarcasm^2. Example: /sarcasm

    This has been your 30 second guide to using sarcasm online.


    Haha nice, very nice.
    Yeah that or you know the people who post on here. Like in Namelis1’s case, who is an atheist who likes to leave sarcastic comments. A lot.
    And it wouldn’t have been funny if he made it clear that he’s being sarcastic.


    But religion is awesome, magic invisible spacemen give you the right to feel superior to (and judgmental over) we lowly types who don’t need fiction and fear to be moral, decent people.


    Opiate for some, cocaine for others and valium for a few.


    Please someone feed the troll. I need to compensate for my insecurity.


    Kishi: That made my day.



    That actually made my day. Need to read the books with him again. What a bad ass.



    Hey, my day was made first! I just hadn’t posted it yet!



    You waited 20 minutes to post a comment? Fucking idiot!


    show me a successful communist nation,
    that also respects the rights of human beings.
    The very concept that a human is deserving of certain basic liberties (like the freedom to make you own decisions about the use your money and spirituality or lack thereof )is a product of western civilization, just like capitalism.
    you pinkos have never experienced first hand the outcome of your socialist beliefs.
    But you will soon.

    …also knowing that communism is idealistic and dangerous because idealism and reality ARE DIFFERENT THINGS, does not automatically a republican make.


    Destro: Hate or like communism.

    Religion is a fucking opiate.

    In truth there is no truly successful form of government because humanity itself is flawed. Yes, even democracy. Especially a capitalist one.

    “Idealism” occurs in every political hemisphere buddy. As does extremism. Which everyone seems to focus on . The sane people on both sides of the American political spectrum rarely are heard. So we just hear the over opinionated extremes screaming on both sides. Amplified by the media.


    There is no such thing as a successful anything nation.
    I think communism could ‘work’ if there was a way to have a communist nation without a dictator. But that is practically impossible.


    Wow, so many people here that dont understand the difference between Marxism and Communism.
    And God Help us all if Wikipedia is the first stop for reference.


    What is capitalistic idealism?
    I never said democratic capitalism wasn’t flawed.
    But so far it has kept me fed and comfortable.
    Can the AVERAGE citizen of a communist nation claim to lead a kush life of luxury.
    Because in the U.S. even the homeless don’t HAVE to sleep on the street; if they do it’s usually because they’ve ignored the govt. programs that exist to help them because it’s too much effort.
    You are correct. It is practically impossible to have a communist nation without a dictator ( i can’t think of one), and it is exactly this impossibility that make it a idealistic and dangerous political system, I agree that in theory it sounds fair but in practice (so far) it leaves a lot to be desired.


    Chicken and the egg?
    Show me a Marxist nation.
    Wiki? Try Britannica (printed on paper and bound in leather).

    When I was a teen I thought Marx was awesome, then I learned about Lenin who thought Marx was the tits, and how that led to Stalin, Kruchev, gulags etc.
    How many millions died in Guantanamo?


    Bart: What religion are you?
    Homer: You know, the one with all the well-meaning rules that don’t work out in real life. Uh… Christianity.

    Except replace for communism. Or not. Goes both ways.

    By the way, I just reread Leviticus online while bored at work. Damn. Jews (old testament) loved to inject morality into their religion. Explains a lot of things now-a-days.


    Re: Homeless: Excellent point about the socialist tenets already alive in America, due to a democratic nation wanting to help themselves or the less fortunate.

    Re: Communism sans Dictatorship:
    I found this to be one the ironic things about communism of any sort. If the idea is a commune working together for the good of the commune, why should there be a figurehead? Would that not raise him above the community. The idea of a commune worked for a time for Christians, too, and now we have the Roman Catholic church, because the figurehead shifted from a being only influential by example, to a leader, and groups of leaders who influenced its growth greatly.


    RSIxidor: Figureheads are needed because of the “too many cooks in the kitchen” or “designed by committee” principle. Just look at the UN. It has no real figurehead (purely ceremonial) and it gets jack-all done.

    The founding fathers knew this, and that’s why they established the executive branch.

    This is also why the Romans had the Consuls. Thought the Marian reforms really messed that one up in the long run.

    It’s also just plain true that certain people will follow others. To quote Fight Club, “Why is it that a weaker person must always latch themselves to a stronger person?” It’s the nature of humanity for many, many different reasons that are too diverse to get into.


    For those of the masses who are sick or in pain, should we not give them an opiate? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opiate. Not everyone is capable of seeking release from their pain in the ways some on this board claim to be.


    Very interesting. But you know, alleviating your own pain is one thing, trying to force the rest to do the same, even if they don’t feel any pain – that’s another thing.

    And I’d also like to mention those very sick people who are in constant pain, they want to alleviate their pain too. Even if that means that they have to die. Which is often not possible because of the people you speak of, also known as pro-lifers. (I know, not everybody, just some)


    Fact: Religious posts receive a lot of comments.


    True, but this one was more about politics.
    If there was no organised religion, life would be pretty dull. Not many outrageous things to talk about.


    dieAntagonista: Pagan cults would be 10X more exciting than organized religion. Greeks and Romans religious festivals had to be a party. Especially the Dionysus one.


    quigonben: Are you saying legalize marijuana? Because I hear you telling me to legalize marijuana.


    Politics and organized religion are both about control.
    I believe in social responsibility, and I’m not against socialist tenents, but I need to ultimately be in control of my productivity, not my government.
    If people were not historically proven to get greedy when given power, then communism would work just fine but someone has to account for the distribution of resources, so there has to be a limit to how much of my productivity they can allocate to whatever social/financial/militaristic endeavor that the party says is best for everyone.


    Much that was called religion has carried an unconscious attitude of hostility toward life. True religion must teach that life is filled with joys pleasing to the eye of God, that knowledge without action is empty. All men must see that the teaching of religion by rules and rote is largely a hoax. The proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensations which tells you this is something you’ve always known.
    Religion must remain an outlet for people who say to themselves, “I am not the kind of person I want to be.” It must never sink into an assemblage of the self-satisfied.


    I don’t know, are you sure? The bible is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. I wouldn’t want to live my life after its philosophy, but damn, there still needs a book to be written which is this awesome. There is a lot of interesting information about Pagan cults too, but I haven’t come across anything as specific as the bible (for example).
    If you know more than me, then go ahead and illuminate me.


    dieAntagonista: I find Viking, Hawaiian, Native American…etc mythology more exciting. Definitely plan to read more.

    Had Bible class in Jr. High, really didn’t find the bible that interesting. A couple good stories in there though.

    In Ancient Greece, Dionysus festivals usually consisted of drinking wine w/out water. They drank it mixed with water back then, due to not so good water quality. Lot’s of prancing around naked and public sex.

    The Roman pagans had to be even more exciting.


    I’m greatly enjoying this thread. You guys are doing a great job of political discussion as opposed to retarded flaming. Good for you. +50 Internets for you all.

    I absolutely agree, I was just attempting to show by example that a communist movement will lead to dictatorship regardless of its purest ideals.

    Heck yeah. I like social programs, I like that we have some system of welfare in our country. When I have a problem is usually on two points:
    1. They try to take more of my money than I feel they should be (I know many will say any, but its honestly not the way I feel).
    2. Those who are helped by these programs allow them to be a crutch. I feel these programs need to have better encouragement for getting out of them towards self generation of wealth.



    Viking mythology is incredibly cool.

    Some of the craziest stuff I’ve read. I was once given a book that was separated into thirds (Roman/Greek/Norse and Germanic), I hardly remember any of the Roman and Greek parts.


    I’ll see your Bible and raise you Stranger in a Strange Land. (Not that I ever finished reading the Bible, I just skipped to the end to find out who did it.)



    Ah yes, most people don’t find the bible as amazing as I do (not even Christians), and granted, it wasn’t until I have read various interpretations of the bible that I thought, it’s one of the most amazing stories ever written.
    I actually believe the bible is true. Not 100%, and Jesus certainly wasn’t the son of any god, but for instance, him healing all those people – it’s absolutely possible. Without any magic or anything. But that’s another story.
    The bible is a book that you can’t read just like any other book. It’s a challenge in a way. I may read one passage today and I find that it’s about courage, tomorrow I’ll read it again and suddenly it’s about cowardice.

    Puulaahi, but yeah I do see your point. It appears that it’s those pleasurable things that you find exciting. I on the other hand am much more excited about the idea of people burning a woman because they thought she was witch. Or people having orgies in churches because they got infected with the pest and think it’s Judgement Day.
    But don’t get me wrong, I find any and all mythologies amazingly interesting as well. But so far I haven’t read the right book, nor have I met the right person to talk about it.

    When I want to discuss events in the bible, I just have to walk across the street to the church.

    RSIxidor: Thanks for the Internets, same goes to you.


    True, true and true.
    Especially this one is a winner: “Religion must remain an outlet for people who say to themselves, “I am not the kind of person I want to be.””


    If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, “MOVE!” and it WILL move… and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU!


    I’m sorry, but I believe it was Mao Tse Tung that said this, not Marx?”


    dieAntagonista: I am reading Herodotus – The Histories right now for fun. It’s a tough read too. People back then certainly had an eloquence when writing.


    Puulaahi: Sounds good. Great now I won’t be satisfied until I have read it too.
    Yeah that’s why I love the people from back then.


    I lived in a Communist country for two years before it collapsed and then worked in and around two others for 18 years. A good summary quote seen for sale on the web somewhere:

    “Communism killed 100 million people and all I got was this t-shirt.”


    dusktime: The t-shirt is probably made in China.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: People misuse Ad Hominem?


    The most logical, sound Marxist quotes I’ve heard were probably Groucho’s.


    This quote is truly the only thing Marx was correct in asserting.And he certainly did not originate this thought.


    Pffft…Marx was a plagiarist. Voltaire said the same thing 100 years earlier.


    *picks up first edition copy of “case for communism”* hell i could clean up this little argument but meh im enjoying the trolling too much
    oh and just for a little flame bait capitalism isnt all that briliant if america was communist this little resesion we are having would not have happened not letting the little people think sometimes has its advantage

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