Lego Big Daddy With Little Sister

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    25 and all I want is my childhood lego collection again.


    33, and I know exactly where mine is. I play Legos with my 6-year-old nephew now. 🙂


    16 and I never had lego 🙁


    I’m 29 now and I know where mine are…at my parent’s house, where I grew up, in storage.

    One day, hopefully, my kids will enjoy them just as much as I did.

    More likely, they will see them and think they are antique’s, much like I did with my father’s Erector Set.


    21, and the most fun I had with lego when I was a child were the times when I used to build tall lego towers.. and continue making them taller until they become unstable and falls apart 😀


    I like when things fall apart.


    I’ve saved all my sons’ legos, knex, erector sets as well as all the race cars, trains, etc…that belonged to me and hubby when we were kids.


    @MikeBabaguh: Your father’s erector set is why you were born. Lame joke…
    18, know where most of my legos are, just got a new set last Christmas because they had vikings and I felt the need to build once again, after years of standing idle.


    When I was 18 (while drunk) me and a friend watched “The towering inferno”. We decided to build a big lego tower and burnt it down. Was great to watch until it fell over and split apart, but there were downsides.
    1) I lost alot my legos
    2) There is still a faint smell of burning plastic outside my house.


    Legos are one of those toys you can never stop loving. and fuck everyone if they make fun of you.


    29, never had legos.


    @VanZant: Deprived childhood?