Some good advice!

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Wise and powerful Yoda is. Some good advice for everyday living too, this can be.

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    I doubt Yoda would have sed shameful. or bone yourself some whores. this comic is full of holes.


    True. The holes are in the prostitutes. They are used for boning.


    Oh my! Obi-wan is about to kill Yoda! Look at the grin on his face!


    Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 🙂


    “Your emotions and desires are shameful!” Hrm…sound familiar?


    Be careful, or the MCS God Police will attack and say you’re a rebellious punk who hates his father. Its apparently much easier than defending the sky castle.


    Personally, if faced with choosing between the love of your life & all the sex she’s willing to have with you, or staying in the “you could die at any moment sausage club” I think I’d chose the quiet life. Especially since there’s so much crazy tech that life would be pretty easy.

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