Muslims & Non-Muslims

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    General X

    There are your basic two Muslim holidays. One is after the holy month of Ramadan, and the other one is during and right the pilgrimage of Haj. During this pilgrimage millions of Muslims from all around the world converge on the two holiest cities in all of Islam. While efforts are underway, constantly, to aleviate the crushing throng of people that gather at specific places to do very specific things in unison, death does indeed occur. Arafat is indeed one such place, actually one of the more prominent troublesome spots. It should also be noted that all of these locations… Read more »


    @General X:
    Thanks for clarifying. I was sure there was some explanation.


    The reason for the above sign is that non-Muslims are not allowed into Mecca (Makkah). I lived in Jeddah (Jidda), S.A. from 1974-1977. The govt. is real strict about this. This is the holiest place for Muslims. They pray towards Mecca when they pray 5 times per day. General X is right about the crowding. Due to the layout of the different areas that must be walked to, there are areas were stampedes have killed people. Non-Muslims do sneak in, however if they are caught, not so good for them. Good article that gives a short explanation: Medina is… Read more »


    For a foreign language in my university, I am taking Arabic. I literally have 100’s of pictures of street signs and road signs saved on my computer to practice spelling in arabic.

    One thing that always made me laugh, is when in class our teacher was tellng us about himself. He said he was from the city of medina, which in arabic translates to “ana min medina medina”. I couldnt stop laughing at the repetitiveness of saying i am from the city of city. Then I cried because I realized how immature I was 🙁


    Most of my friends who speak english as a second language complain that it is a confusing language. I tell them that it is efficient because it’s is a commercial language. They disagree with me but it’s okay because I’ve never met anyone from the city of town, or the village of neighborhood. It’s perfectly fine to laugh at someone who is knowingly saying something stupid, like you gotta die because you don’t believe in my god, or I am descended from the gods chosen people (respect my jew gold), or I have the right to publicly murder my whore… Read more »


    Good. That tells us which lane to take when we deliver the bombs.


    this = Black people here white people there in america, they are just still doing it.