Magical Crackers

magical crackers.jpg (236 KB)

wow. racist.

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    I’m not sure what about this picutre is more disturbing. The man reaching through the cracker, the magical tree glowing cracker, the door that looks to be a giant cracker, or the giant cracker on the wall… however there are way to many crackers (white people excluded) in this picture!


    Don’t forget the two paintings that are getting themselves some cracker


    @colonel-yum-yum: and also what looks like cracker monopoly on the table


    @Seth_Dracovitch: dude. those crackers are magic. give in…. give in to the cracker magic!

    for the ultimate cracker magic, ask me for my Cheez Nips recipe

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Hollywood has used the “Magical Negro” stock character for years. It’s about time for the crackers to have their turn.


    but on the other hand the black guy is the only one with facial hair


    @ Avias
    Cracker monopoly could be better than:


    HaHaHa. This is exactly what I thought when I saw this ad last week on the back of a magazine. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

    I also thought of the “Magical Negro” character and realized something. What do you think the response would be if there was a movie with a nearly all-black cast except for the one “Magical White Guy” character. Wow.


    @natedog: Cheese Nips are for wimps, I have the recipe for Cheez-its.


    Any relation to Jack Chick’s Death Cookie?