Darth Vader watches Padme

Vader watching Padme.JPG (225 KB)

I found this picture very moving. It is Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, face plate off sitting down and watching the hologram of his dead wife.

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    I like the redesign of the suit. Looks just like Jedi robes with built-in life support.


    I found looking underneath the hologram very moving


    I’m pretty sure I’d find this picture at least interesting if Hayden Christensen hadn’t completely destroyed the character for me. They should have changed his name to Darth Emo.


    And now I’m sad. :C




    Didn’t know that Vader’s mask could be used as a fleshlight.


    Know what else is cool? Darth Vader before he became a whiny brat. Who has the comic where Darth Vader is crying over a destroyed C-3PO? Yeah, that was cool. Let’s check that out.




    Why does he still have a hand? The only thing not cut off by Obi Wan was his robo arm.


    Stupidest… movie death… ever.


    Sarcastastic: If he’s smart enough to build a gay robot, he could probably reattach his own arm.


    General X: Then why is his other hand robotic?


    @General X: Take into consideration that the entire governing structure was turning upside down, a new regime forming. Of course you are going to continue to side with the guy that has the most political and military power. Bide your time, continue in your role as the right hand man and in the dark of night, slay the king. . . Emotional to begin with sure, but his Master was the closest thing he had to an ally he had left, causing enough initial restraint to keep from killing him outright.


    That isn’t Darth Vader.

    Darth Vader was the fucking cool, evil, mysterious villain from Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and most of Return of the Jedi.

    This is some pathetic juvenile retcon garbage that spilled from the mind of a guy whose only creative moments happened over 20 years ago.


    Luke Magnifico

    Could you force choke

    if you had no hands?


    who is this CBurt artist, anyone?



    He and his friend Steven raped a friend of mine once.


    Do not want


    I’m still dreading when Lucas gets round to going back and further fucking with the OT to accommodate the idiotic prequel backstory. I can picture when Vader chases Luke down the Death Star trench:

    “The Force is strong with this one. He must have an abnormally high midichlorian count. And I would know, since I was conceived out of midichlorians by Darth Plagueis. Or so the Emperor implied while we watched the Bubble Bobble Opera that time, before I lost my limbs on Lava World because I couldn’t jump higher than Obi-Wan.”


    LukeV1-5: Only thing robo-hands keeps Vader from doing is force lightning because they are metal and it would get him as well.


    is the crappiest line ever written.
    I wonder how much James Earl Jones got paid to perform the most emotionless one syllable shit line ever.


    General X: Why spend all the time making flesh-like limbs when he will be sealed inside a robotic life-support suit anyway?
    Destro: The line was delivered by Hayden and modified I’m pretty sure.

    H.K. Fauskanger

    The picture is good enough, but Anakin seem to be rather more good-looking than he should be, post-Mustafar. He should be more burnt and disfigured, instead of being at least semi-handsome still. (And stop picking on poor Hayden Christensen, already — like it or not, he IS the young Anakin now, just as canonically as Han Solo happens to look like a young Harrison Ford.)

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