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    Greatest theatrical experience I’ve ever had!


    I watched it, and was entertained thusly.

    Although the deathproof action sequence took for god damned ever, Planet Terror was awesome except for me nitpicking real-life flaws that have no right to be in my head while violence is going on, on the screen.

    (how the hell can she point a gun that’s attatched to her leg, and be able to fire it without pulling the trigger?)

    tiki god

    I was promised drunken sex with two hot women after we watched this at the theater.

    waiting for the end of this was the longest 4 hours of my life.


    I was kinda really intrigued and kinda really annoying at Deathproof’s whole “you promised you weren’t gonna do it” dialogue, wondering what the damn “it” was.


    I was kinda annoyed by Deathproof’s 90 minutes of dialogue period. It was like watching Quentin jerk off into a typewriter. “Look how good I am at writing edgy dialogue!!” Could have been 45 minutes total and been better.


    Planet Terror – B Movie Awesomesauce

    Death Proof – Perhaps Tarantino’s worst.


    @Puulaahi: Ditto.