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Best movie ever.

I only wish that the movie ending would have been a little more true to the book, so that you would have had a chance to understand the devolution and evolution of the Starchild. And, of course, the resulting nuclear holocaust would have been a nice ending too… this is the pre-movie book, not the post-movie / re-written version…

With that said – still a great movie.


This was re-written after the movie? I wonder which one I read. Seeing this makes me want to re-read this series.


Kubrik and Clarke wrote the screenplay, more or less, and Clarke wrote the novelization as the film was in production, IIRC, which is why there’s some discrepancies between the two (for instance, all the action happens around Saturn, not Jupiter, in the book, but Kubrik went with Jupiter because of difficulties filming the rings of Saturn believably). Pick up a recent copy of the book; Clarke has a good introduction that covers a lot of it (he has similar intros in each of the sequels — 2010 (much better than the film), 2061, and 3001 — that give some great… Read more »