Jackie, mascot of the 3rd south african infantry regiment

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Jackie was a baboon and before the War was the beloved pet of the Marr family from Villiera near Pretoria and especially Albert Marr, the son. When Albert Marr attested at Potchefstroom on the 25th August 1915, he asked permission to bring Jackie along with him. Because Jackie was so well behaved and had an impressive bearing, Jackie was adopted as regimental Mascot of the 3rd South African Infantry Regiment and taken on strenght as a member of his Regiment.

On arrival in England he was provided with a special uniform and cap with the badges of his regiment.

He was allowed in the trenches and was a firm favourite and comrade on action service. His acute hearing and eyesight were very useful with Albert, his master whilst on sentry duty.

Jackie would salute officers, use a knife and fork in the correct manner and would light up cigarettes or pipes for comrades.

When Albert was wounded in 1916 by a bulllet in a shoulder, Jackie was beside himself and attempted to comfort the prostrate Albert, even licking his wound.

Jackie was wounded near La Clyte in 1918 by a shell splinter, Albert being wounded by the same shell. Jackie was amputated of his right leg. It was the end of his active service and with Albert they received much publicity whilst recovering from their wounds in Britain. They raised thousand of pounds for the Red Cross and took part in several events. At one such event it was possible to buy a kiss from Jackie for 5 shillings or a handshake for 2/6d.

He was officially discharged at Cape Town on the 26th April 1919 and on discharge wore one gold wound stripe and three blue service chevrons for 1916, 1917 and 1918 active service.

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    Damn, this monkey looks like a veteran. Was probably in many wars ‘n shit. Look at it, fucking serious !



    gandpa ?


    Aw it’s so cute. Poor thing though.



    a monkey is an AFRICAN soldier

    /shitting myself


    Effin’ monkey’s more decorated than most people I know. He even has that “1,000 yard stare”…


    Damn, you people keep beating me in submissions. Stop finding my pics before me!



    I don’t know why. The South Africans were the whitest soldiers around. Something about the whole apartheid thing and banning the natives from fighting and all.


    nyokki: which pics >_>


    MonkeyHitman: This one, a couple of APODs and WikiPODs and another one just recently posted by tiki. It’s not fair. I demand that everyone wait for me to submit my pics before you submit my pics.




    There’s a mention of this chap in the Archive of The Times, at the end of a long report headlined Pause in the Battle, April 22, 1918: “A curious detail of the casualties is that in one of the base hospitals now there lies in (or at least on) a bed, with other honourably wounded heroes, one Jack the Baboon, the mascot of the South African Brigade. He lost a leg and is wounded in one arm, but he has stood an operation and treatment well and is said to be a most amenable and gentle patient” www.timesonline.co.uk/archive

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