Incredibly Secluded Homes

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I’ve always wanted a nice quiet home in the countryside.

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    The first one, that’s where I wanna live. At least for a while and see what happens. If I don’t go batshit insane and kill everybody then maybe I’ll stay.
    The other ones are just scary. I could never live in such a place surrounded by woods.


    House on the Island or the Lighthouse in the sea….tough choices…If I can’t have my own tropic isle, I’ll take the one in the lake.
    @dieAntagonista: The fourth one would be pretty safe against zombie attack.


    True. That’s what I thought as well. But it needs to be a little bigger than that, you wanna have some ground for growing vegetables and enough space for some chickens and pigs maybe.




    Something tells me the first one isn’t any kind of a “house” or at least intended for residential use.

    More like “housing” perhaps hay stock during the drier seasons.

    Just conjecturing.


    the one out in the middle of the snow – I claim it

    it would be so sweet to live there,

    Billy Manic

    As good as being alone is sometimes, that’s pushing it a little, but damn those are nice places.


    My house is already a combo of 1 & 3. 2 would be a nice summer house. 4 must have goods airlifted in.


    Anyone know where the second one is located… I swear that I fished right next to it on my family vacation to Lake of the Woods in Ontario. That whole lake is pretty secluded. It’s an hour boat trip from the shore to the cabins we stayed at.


    Win. I’ll take all of them.