Immodest Clothing Plea

Immodest Clothing Plea

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    At least they asked nicely.


    Just don’t wear any clothes.


    Sounds like a great place to live. 😕 Well,… not really.


    @flood123: Especially if you’re Palestinean!


    I like to put those curly fries from Jack in the Box next to my ears and pretend im a jew


    I like to put those dead bodies from the cemetery in my bed and pretend that I’m a necrophiliac.


    I like to buy dry ice and pretend i am a peat bog.


    They’re trying the same thing in New York City.

    Complaining about the bike lanes through their neighborhoods are exposing them to immodestly clothed women in the warmer months.


    I’m sorry, if it’s 90 degrees outside, I’m going to wear shorts. Look away if you must.

    Alec Dalek

    I don’t have anything against the Jews, but these Ultra Orthodox nut jobs need to shut the fuck up! If you want us to respect your religious rights, you MUST respect our laws and rights. Same goes for Muslims with their Burkas, and the Sikh with their “religious” weapons. You all came here because you wanted to be free, but you now don’t want us to be. Either go back to your butt fuck nowhere countries or accept that we ALL get to be free, not just you new comers!


    Fundamentalism is fundamentalism is fundamentalism. Doesn’t matter if its Jews, Christians or Muslims, they all blame their hardons and lustful thoughts on the women. Same shit, different holy day.


    Well so far Muslims haven’t been forcing people in *other* countries to wear burkas so I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    As for what’s going on in this picture – meh. The sign is ridiculous but not disrespectful. It’s not like it says, to do not pass through our neighbourhood in immodest clothes or else we will hunt you down, kill you, your family and all your friends.


    They dont say God, they say G-D. Fuck you. Either call God God or Yahweh, fucking choose. Dont make up third party names. Shitfaces.


    I am butt naked.


    Haha. G-D means still god. They write G-D instead of God out of respect, as in, it’s blasphemy to write out his name. Just as when you would draw a picture of god or make a sculpture. No third party name.


    @nobody knows: Well, the sign does say modest clothes include no trousers…


    @nobody knows:
    You mean buck naked. Freak.


    The one thing that stands out to me is a tiny detail…the ridiculous notion that “God” is their diety’s NAME and that spelling it out is blasphemy. :p God is a job description, not a name. That’d be like me signing my checks “Driver”.


    Do we know this is in America?


    @nobody knows:
    Let the wind blow high
    let the wind blow low
    through the streets in my kilt I’ll go
    all the ladies say hello
    Sumo where’s yer trousers?
    @dieAntagonista: Butt naked also works. for naked from waist down.


    @nyokki: I assumed Isreal. Otherwise, the Palestinean joke just doesn’t work.


    Guess American will never understand the importance of private property. look who they got for President. Heh. My neighbourhood = I do what I like.
    Don’t like it – don’t go near. Respect for private rights, that’s what society is built upon. Start telling me waht to wear, and i’ll breed will i’ll outnuber you in the next election, and then we’ll see/


    @SumoSnipe: Are you sure? I was taught butt naked is wrong even though it’s a common thing to say. And buck naked was the original expression.


    @the3g_ipwn: I thought the same thing, but some of the complaints seem to indicate this is in America.


    Oh yeah I found another picture with the exact same sign, it is in Israel.

    @lordjek: Since it’s not in America, shut the fuck up. And your statement is a contradiction, try again.


    @dieAntagonista: “-for naked from the waist down.”


    i think religion is rather silly, but the point here was that they ASKED. They didn’t demand, they didn’t say it was a rule, or was there any sort of implied consequence. I’ll save my outrage for the outrageous.


    But tits are wonderful! :U


    @Hazard: And they wish to be free.


    I “blame” my impure thoughts on women too. Actually, the more correct term would be “attribute.” Anyway, I just jerk off and then I’m ok again (being single sucks).

    Also, I’m ok with this sign because, as others have stated, this sign asks passersby to respect their rules. They don’t demand it.

    We can all live in peace if people would simply be nicer to each other.


    @MikeBabaguh: Werd.


    Fucking. Jews.

    I will make it a point to walk down the PUBLICALLY OWNED, TAX-PAYER FUNDED sidewalks in a bikini this summer.


    What’s the contradiction?

    BINGO! If I walk naked in front of CathyLong house, she’ll call the police. But somehow she exepcts me not to call the police if she walks wearng somthing symbolic in front of my house.