Bunny in a trance

bunny-in-trance-picture.jpg (37 KB)

Just a random image I found doing a google image search for bunnies.

Here’s the address:

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    You’re sure it’s not dead/stuffed

    Jesus Christ

    @Mack: I remember reading about this somewhere and a bunny can be tranced into something like this.


    take a knife and carve it like a Christmas present to a 7 year old. that’s what Jesus would do lol


    rabbits can suffer from both narcolepsy and epilepsy. This one just looks asleep to me.


    mmm… rabbits are delicious.

    beep beep

    Rabbits have a nerve in their back and when you flip them over on to their back they sort of become paralyzed. It is really easy to clip their nails that way.

    My rabbit is never that knocked out when I flip him; he’ll still make the “oh shit” face.


    One of the hunters in my family explained it to me as a mercy trance that let’s them fulfill their role as prey without so much pain and struggle once it’s inevitable. He was also drunk tho, and could have just been speculating.


    FACT: flip them over and rabbits pass out (black-out) from lack of blood after awhile, like if i turned you upside-down you would “red-out” kinda but not the same thing..wat?