Young stormtroopers in Love

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    Red is pretty damn hot


    Red is always hot.


    just think baby one day… one day I’ll be able to provide you with all we’ve ever wanted… oh baby I can’t wait kids, 250,000 sq feet of living space, electric cars, Hell to the no bitch the full uniform give me my helmet back settler-sleaze


    @Dublin0: ^what the fuck^?


    @TrikYodz: don’t shoot the transcriber man… wtf


    Btw, all stormtroopers were boyz =)


    She has sexy tattoo’s too.


    fap fap fap fap


    Isn’t she a little curvy to be a stormtrooper?


    I’m surprised no one has made fun of them yet. I for one think it is a little excessive to go out to clubs and get married in Stormtrooper helmets, and I’m a Star Wars nerd.


    That clone wars cartoon is hell of lame. Not to mention just twisted. What is the deal with making the Nazi metaphors into good guys and a mass murdering evil monster into a children’s hero? Star Wars used to be about Rebellion man, it used to be about fighting back against insurmountable odds and the evil amEmpireica …now it’s just shit teaching kids that robots are evil and going berserk will make you famous. Fuck that noise. I want my ticket movie back Lucas you traitorous *** bastard

    Billy Manic

    I could’ve sworn it was a sci-fi space opera about psychic space samurai (is that the correct pluralization?) set to an engaging tale of kinda good vs. mostly evil. But damn, I must’ve missed the amEmpireica part.

    Billy Manic

    Oh and that was really unrelated.

    Red and Jonny ftw.


    I bet their conversations are a lot more interesting than the ones between Anakin and Padamameme…me…meme(?) in the new trilogy.


    @Billy Manic: yah your right, but the Empire was a metaphor for a Nazi Regime and I just like making tongue-in-cheek comparisons of such to the U.S.A. I just don’t like how the bad guys turned into the good guys and Darth Vader became a children’s hero. I loved the original movies as a kid and watched the concept degenerate into pulpy garbage. I will refrain from griping in tangential ways about it from now on.


    @ sylvanish

    Well done on taking an entertaining 1977 cowboy movie in space and turning it into a neo-liberal political statement.

    Oh, and the term would be “hella lame”, not “hell of lame”.


    Actually there where female stormtroopers in the original concept, you can look it up, george said there was even a few on the death star, but they never made it on film.

    Billy Manic

    @sylvanish: I do agree about the parallels, but that wasn’t the reason it was made. But the parallels definitely were there. And I really do agree with your sentiments towards t series’ devolution as art.

    @wookie_x: Well done rephrasing my previous post and making it more bitter than anyone asked for 😀


    @ Billy Manic

    What can I say, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being bitter. Now if those damn kids would just stay off my lawn…..

    Billy Manic

    @wookie_x: Bitter’s awesome. And btw, clicking on the arrow next to our post timestamp makes the @UserName thing come up. Sorry if you already knew this and are just boycotting.


    @Billy Manic: test, test


    @Billy Manic: So that is what that is for. hm learn something new everyday. Thanks!


    @wookie_x: Man YOU are hell of lame. Don’t tell me how to color my speech. I know my language and I am aware of the terms I am using. When I want to sling slang I will, and when I want to use the word hell as a focus of extreme I will. Go ahead and limit yourself to trendy convention, but I will use this glorious and fluidic language however I damn well please. Correct me on grammar and spelling if that gets you hard, but don’t tell me what terms I am supposed to be using if you… Read more »


    @sylvanish: Of course. You’re correct. I am “all sorts of a dink.” You know, I’m ok with that. At least I’m not socially backward, inventing excuses through the flawed guise of creativity to cover for my weaknesses and flaws. So you go right ahead. Keep on doing that. I’ll just be over here where people can communicate with each other accurately as well as creatively.


    @Billy Manic: By the way, thanks. I’d never bothered to click on that before.



    Damn right she is.