Starbuck’s only customer with a brain

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Apparently the only person with a brain that goes to Starbucks (yes, I know that’s an oxymoron) has crafted a kick-ass TIE Fighter from just cups and other crappy disposables from Starbucks as well as PC speakers.

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    Completing Popular Science projects with a 4/5 star difficulty doesn’t constitute anymore brain power, just a bizarre dedication of time. Kick-ass green project though… I am gonna “go out on a wing” and say this guy/girl works at Starbucks.

    Luke Magnifico

    I have those clear spherical speakers. They’re pretty average.

    I wonder if they are beaten by the cup speakers.


    Mocha Lotta Nerdtay???


    Those coffee cup speakers would give a pretty crappy sound if you turn them up.


    Feck off. Starbucks has the best coffee.


    Apostrophe hard.


    Am I the only one that would HATE to have to dogfight in a TIE? What shitty visibility, firepower and protection. IJS. B-wings were always more of my style. Not sure why.

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