Never piss off someone who owns a backhoe.

backhoe.jpg (88 KB)

Got this in a email. Thought it was pure win.

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    Haha oh yeah it gave me the lulz.


    wow. never seen this ‘un afore


    Plywood never had a better use!


    LOL! looks like soemthing i’d do to somebody. i once drove a guys car a long way away with a forklift. i hid it from him. he should have moved it when i asked him to…


    @storminator: haha, that reminds me of the time I was joyriding golf carts from the business just outside of the first neighborhood I grew up in. I hid one of the golf carts behind this concrete sign and there was a lot of bushes near it. It was one of those green carts with a dump bed and slightly off road tires so it blended in well.


    and storminator: Haha, that reminds ME of this time this guy kept parking in front of my house, so I stabbed him in the throat, put his body in his trunk and pushed the car over a cliff into the ocean! Heeeelarious!


    @garbledxmission: haha good one!


    @storminator: @casemods: @garbledxmission: reminds ME of a time i was fucking this guy in the ass, he reach back and grabs my nutsack, I’m thinking,”this guy’s the biggest fag I’ve ever met”!