Last but not least the Wii64!

Wii64.JPG (52 KB)

A fully armed and operational Nintendo 64 inside a Wii.

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    Alec Dalek

    What’s with all the fail postings today?


    How does one having two excellent game systems, both of which have many games that are extremely well liked for good reason be a fail posting?


    this is pretty cool … i didnt like the casemod but this is fresh


    can it still play wii?


    Isn’t it backwards? I would rather hide a nice expensive Wii inside what appears to be an N64 then the other way around. This is just ridiculous. Who plays n64 anymore, other then on an online emulator for pc?



    Lots of people. I know more than one person that likes to pull out this and older systems for a change of pace.

    Of course, the Wii also gives you the option to just play some of the N64 games using Wii hardware, but you still have to pay for the image.

    And don’t you know roms are illegal? I’m calling the feds.

    nes roms

    Grеat аrticle.

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