Akira: Tetsuo Transformation

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Anyone ever read the Akira manga? I just finished it the other day. Only about 100 times better than the movie, if you ever saw it..

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    I liked the original movie. It got me into anime before all the Naruto type crap drove me back out of it. Still, from what little I’ve read of the manga, it is better. About 100x longer, but better.

    Doesn’t the film just cover the first volume?

    Oh, and if you didn’t know, they’re remaking the film in the United States with Leonardo Dicaprio as Tetsuo, although he’s renamed Terry or something. Kanada gets to keep his name, for whatever reason.



    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Whoops. My bad.

    Leonardo DiCaprio is Kaneda, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Tetsuo… or Terry/whatever.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: That’s lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame.

    It’s bad enough that Hollywood is making an American version but I really hate Leonardo DiCaprio which means I won’t even bother to see it so I can make fun of it.


    @outofocus: How about a Cowboy Bebop live action film with Keanu Reeves?

    Will that make you feel better?


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: No. Keanu Reeves is a terrible actor. He should have stuck to roles that require he say “Dude” a lot.

    It almost seems insulting to the originals that they’re trying to remake this stuff. They will not represent it well.


    The movie was AMAZING but I agree, if you want the full story in it’s awesome gloryfull-ness, read the manga


    @outofocus: I was being sarcastic, for the record. It sounds even worse.


    i don’t post alot, more of a lurker, but…

    i saw this movie in highschool(insert age), liked it.

    leo whatever his name is, never really got me, but, he has grown and done some cool movies. this will be interesting


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I know… :]

    I bet you’re looking forward to the Spielberg produced “Ghost in the Shell”. I know I am!

    ha. ha. :p


    I’ve read ’em, they’re totally kickass. Insane, but that’s totally worth it!


    @outofocus: Truth be told, If Speilberg decided to do GITS, i’d go see it… The Japanese may rule with the Manga/Anime, but imho they have a poor track record with making them into realistic looking screen plays…


    I hated Akira…anything where the writers throw their hands up and go “I don’t have a friggin clue where to go next with this…I know, let’s have the crazy/bad guy turn into a freaky tenticle monster!!1!1!1!!one!!1” just pisses me off. And tenticle monsters seem to be so common in anime.


    I’ve seen the anime first and found it very good with a weird story…
    Then I read the manga and found it excellent… with a weird story =).

    By the way I think it’s better to watch the anime first because you’re not pissed off that the story has been modified/cut from the manga.

    Numero 41

    Claro ese manga es exelente!

    y la película la va a hacer la hacer la productora de leonardo pero parece que él no va a actuar.