The Day the Earth Stood Still

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    Klatu Barada Nikto!




    Oh no. Is this a remake? I loved the original.. why can’t they leave it alone.
    And I see zombie in the tags, if it has zombies, I won’t complain. Keanu Reeves is good too, but I can’t imagine how this could be good.


    I saw the preview. It doesn’t actually look that bad. I was pleasantly surprised.


    this. It looks ‘not bad’ as in d/l and possible DVD ownage worthy but not theatre worthy.


    I think most remakes miss the ideas that made the original great, instead focusing on the plot and modernizing it. No desire to see this.

    Seriously, can anyone name one remake that is better or even worthy of the original? Someone once said Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I’ll take an acid boat ride over Johny Depp any day.


    I ran across a trailer for a new Star Trek movie. Impressive.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I agree.
    But there are some good remakes. Like Night of the Living Dead. It’s definitely worthy of Romero’s original. I wouldn’t say better, but the different twist at the end makes it brilliant.


    Keanu Reeves should have quit acting after Bill and Ted.


    Is Keanu playing the robot? Seems a perfect role for him.
    Do restarts count as remakes? We are on what, Punisher take 3?
    I wasn’t too impressed with Night of the Living Dead, but did think that the next remake Dawn was worthy


    Keanu Reeves was ill
    the day the earth
    stood still
    but he told us
    where we stand….

    Nah doesn’t work for me. I think I’ll pass on this one.


    But the new Punisher has super sexy Titus Pullo from Rome in it!! I’ll probably get arrested for public indecency for masturbating in the theater!

    …time to get out my Rome DVD set again


    SumoSnipe: You mean Dawn of the Dead the remake or the original? I love the Dawn of the Dead 2004 version, but it’s not as meaningful as the original. Only the ending is much better. And of course the zombies are way more awesome. I never wanted to be trapped in a mall more than after seeing that movie.



    At the expense of losing TOM JANE! TOM FUCKING I’M THE PUNISHER JANE!

    Fuck that Rome guy.


    Keanu “The One …Expression” Reeves


    The remake that I dislike most is Miracle on 34th Street. The original was funny, smart and creative. The remake was all about unadulterated faith and missed the whole point. The original is for all ages, the remake is for the under 7 crowd exclusively.


    If NYC gets leveled, I’ll watch it that far, otherwise I can’t be bothered.

    This is why I only watched the first half of both ID4 and Armageddon…

    Once the city got boinked I lost interest.


    RSIxidor: Okay guy… Tom Jane made the Punisher look like a wimp. They took a hardcore character and made him politically correct in the lamest way with that flick. I was far more turned on by the generic weapons he had in that movie. It had a couple good scenes and nothing else. Granted Tom Jane is hell of sexy in his own right, but Titus Pullo (I really don’t want to IMDB him) is thrice as sexy, so even if the movie sucks just as bad, it will still be three times as goood.


    inkbot: “No way”


    The Day the Earth Stood Still, starring The Actor whose Portrayals Stopped Varying.


    YAY. Another movie about how aliens use their technology to disrupt human technology, just to tell us that we’re too mean to each other and that if we don’t stop killing each other with better technology then… They’ll kill us all… With their… Advanced. Technology.

    /this movie is shit.


    Anything with Keanu Reeves is doomed to mediocrity.


    Hazard: He is not mediocre. Far Far Far below it.


    @dieAntagonista: Sorry yes I meant Dawn of The Dead. The remake was very good with the fresh,fast zombies and Ving Rhames.’nuff said.


    seriously how many comments and not a single “Far out man”