Napier-Railton racer

Napier-Railton_at_Brooklands.jpg (120 KB)

1933 racing car with a 12-cylinder, 24-Litre engine. Basically just a huge silver penis with wheels.

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    Now it just needs to shoot railroad spikes out the front and you’re set.


    The Monopoly car?


    Top speed was 168 MPH. It held a bunch of records. Back in the 1930’s that was like hitting 280 mph.

    I love these types of cars. All they did was grab airplane engines and jack up the displacement and throw it on the only thing they knew of that could handle the horsepower. Usually heavy steel or iron frames.


    I’d never ask for anything else for Christmas ever again!


    *gets really good memories of Mafia after seeing this*


    When I replied to nyokkis’ fractal post, I misread pants’ reply and I did a rather good impression of an asshat. This time, I will read twice and reply once.

    – Mad Max style: silver and spikey, Bat style: black and with wings or as is… this is on my “do want” list.


    Everybody sing, Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

    Or, maybe a cross between CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG and KILLDOZER.


    Paint it black and it’s a pre-war Batmobile –