Robert Downey Jr.

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    Hey baby, wanna make me a sammich


    The truth is… I am Iron Man.

    purple banana

    Ohhhhh what I would do to this man… Aggggh he reminds me of a lion, damn he’s hot…


    And he reminds me of a man who needs longer to fix his hair than me.
    No but honestly, I can’t complain. Except for the clothes, I find them offensive.


    He’s such a good actor. How long has he been sober?


    And how long has he been heterosexual?


    @nyokki: Since 2003, apparently. But what’s up with his chest? Looks kinda fucked, almost like a big scar, but my brief skim over his wiki article mentioned nothing about serious injuries/surgery.



    That’s likely just his ribcage. To me, it almost looks like his spine… :S


    He scares me.

    Brevity Truta

    Two in a row, oh my, this is a heady few moments on mcs.



    He’ll be playing Sherlock Holmes in a movie next year.


    What’s with the beard/mustache? Looks like his got a dirty face or something… jeez… And he would be hot if he didn’t have such sad eyes… he looks like a troubled child, so no wonder he drinks.. but it makes me sad and sad isn’t a feeling that belongs with sex 😛


    He’s been clean for about five years now – I’m pretty sure that covers booze too.


    @AgZed: The scar is from where they removed the arc reactor.

    Brevity Truta

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – s holmes.

    Impossible he’s plain ol’ permanently sad, so his eyes must be merely limpid. Besides, he has a wicked streak, and that’s not puppylike at all.


    I have liked Robert Downey Jr. since I was 12 years old… and I have to say that this is not one of the better pictures of him.


    The ribs spoil the shot. Give that man a sandwicth or three.


    As my son just showed me, if you have hair on your chest and angle the perspective, it looks like you’ve got a scar (or indent) down your chest. Weird, for some reason down the center of the chest, the hairs face towards each other rather than away.


    “I dont read the script, the script reads me”…
    In all honesty He seems like the kind of actor to actually pull that off in real life.
    Oh and if anyone HASNT seen Tropic thunder with the commentary turned on, no He in fact did not break character until the end of the commentary