Palin 2012

palin 2012.jpg (75 KB)

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    Someone is begging to get their house egged.


    Bring it on, USA vs the world, we’ll send you back to the stone age


    little known fact, thats Putin’s house.

    He was really getting off on her looking in his windows from her backyard.

    Luke Magnifico

    @JamesTuskGeorge: Dude….mutually assured destruction ring a bell?


    @JamesTuskGeorge: you’ve got hiiiiiigh hopes. In the skyyyyyy hopes.

    Luke Magnifico


    *high, apple pie, in the SKYYYYYYY hopes


    I really liked it better when the only thing I new about Wasilla, AK was that my son and daughter-in-law lived there.


    @LukeV1-5: MAD did mean something before 1990. Before all the other SuperPowers folded. Not advocating we try it mind you. Just pointing out that it would probably actuall be easier now than 20 years ago.


    one fail is not enough! lol palin ftl, again!


    FAIL: 2012. Way to assure Obama 4 more years. Go ahead idiots, run her.


    This photograph was taken just moments before the house was mysteriously struck by lightning, impacted by a meteorite, sucked into a sinkhole that transformed into a volcanic eruption, caught fire, and was blown up by C4 which set the structure alight, apparently due to use of thousands of gallons of accelerant.

    The Dude

    Anyone stupid enough to think this “lady” is capable of runing the USA you should shoot yourself and do us all a favor!



    Those are some sage words of wisdom there. Tell me where a mad bard such as yourself finds muse.


    Oh lotus. You’re so 1383.


    Lucky for us the world is scheduled to end before she would be inaugurated.


    @Gouki4u: Inaugurated? INAUGURATED? That means that that ****, uh, *******, uh, candidate would actually get nominated and win the election. McCain certainly didn’t pull in the money he needed, and I don’t think she would even pull en that much, working for the next four years.