Palin 2012?

palin2012.jpg (148 KB)

The Mayans were right, the world will end in 2012.

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    tiki god

    here’s Palin’s Announcement of her intention to run


    at least you didn’t link here:

    Jesus Christ

    @asdf: Oh fuck you.



    That site is a total joke. I’d take anything they say with a bigass grain of salt.


    bringvictory is a trap!


    The Mayans, a civilisation that couldn’t foretell their own downfall, but they knew when the end of the entire world would be? Yeah right.
    Besides, by the time it’s 2012, the media already ate up what was left of the credibility she never had.


    Oh fucking hell no. I’ll vote for michelle before i vote for palin.


    Michelle Pfeiffer that is.

    I lose the game.


    Creditable or not by 2012… I say DESTROY WITH MUCH FIRE AND GASOLINE!!!!!!!!



    DAMN YOU!!!

    Killed my browser that site did, with all its talk of tricks and treats.


    On a different note is it only me who see’s Tiki’s message as posted on the 9th of November?

    I swear i’m missing something but my brains to shagged to know what.



    He has the ability as website admin / owner to do that kind of stuff. People aren’t kidding when they say it could easily take thirty days for an image to show up, for whatever reason.

    That said, she doesn’t have a chance as long as she stays in Alaska, and if she went to Washington, she’d get devoured (unless the next congressional election votes in a LOT of conservatives). So, flatly, I don’t think she has a chance.



    You fail. NoScript for the win.


    Continent First.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    @asdf: Most fucking epic rickroll I’ve been subjected to – evah. Kudos, sir. Kudos.


    Rick. …and indeed, Rolled.

    Best Rick Rolling I ever had, might I add.