Industrial Hemp

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Industrial hemp has many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food, and fuel. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and one of the earliest domesticated plants known. It also runs parallel with the “Green Future” objectives that are becoming increasingly popular. Hemp requires little to no pesticides, no herbicides, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces oxygen. Furthermore, hemp can be used to replace many potentially harmful products, such as tree paper (the processing of which uses bleaches and other toxic chemicals, and contributes to deforestation), cosmetics, and plastics, most of which are petroleum-based and do not decompose easily.

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    But when you smoke it in excess it makes you fucking retarded.

    Go figure.


    And it is illegal to cultivate in the united states. The Cananbis Sativa strains used for hemp are selected to produce an abundance of fiber and minimal levels of THC. But it is illegal. Remember that people. A PLANT IS ILLEGAL.



    Not enough thc in Hemp plants. But the sativa variety (which most hemp is made out of) does produce some of the most powerful pot.


    Americas Founding Fathers wore hemp clothing and proudly grew it.

    Legalize Cannabis already.


    @Puulaahi: And the constitution was written on hemp paper.

    I remember reading somewhere that it creates ozone not oxygen. Could be remembering incorrectly.


    so where the fuck was this picture taken?

    also, Henry Ford built a car out of hemp in 1941


    Besides, anyone who tries to smoke industrial hemp is just going to get a really bad headache.