i THINK she’s pissed

Hell+hath+no+fury+like+a+woman+scorned.jpg (87 KB)

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    tiki god

    not only pissed but going to jail or having heavy civil fines levied against her!


    and he got a ticket, too!

    (the car owner is certainly better off without the crazy woman in his life, though)


    aww talk about love nowadays


    That barstard!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Simple: Paint ‘Yes it was’ on her car.


    if she got the car wrong ???


    Man, I’d hate to be that poor barstarp.


    He did it all for the nookie.


    I wonder if it was also her that put the smiley on the windshield.


    @nyokki: And headlights.


    @dorix: Hahah, hadn’t noticed that.


    I wonder if that’s a ticket on the windshield, and whether a meter maid gave it to him before or after the the new paint job… 🙂


    @tiki god: Seriously. While I think anyone who messes around on their SO is a total douche, it’s not worth doing thousands of dollars of property damage in retaliation. Especially when you make it plain that it was you who did it and, therefore, you’ll end up being the one to pay for the damage…


    @Tyger42: I’ve noticed that a woman’s wrath is not always reasonable and well thought out.


    Mildly amusing that she cannot spell “Bastard” properly in her rage

    Brevity Truta

    Nono, she meant Bars Tard, cuz that’s where he picked up the skank, in a bar.

    Or he’s a worse liar than she is speller, what a fine match.


    Don’t know how old this pic is, but she’s better off without a man who drives an L Plate Ford Sierra. I’ve seen this exact same thing in a supermarket car park near me.

    @tiki god
    “not only pissed but going to jail or having heavy civil fines levied against her!” – not without evidence! “Well who else would have done this?” – I have no idea. That’s for you to figure out, officer.

    Alpha Harrison

    A Picture from my country, yay!

    : Don’t think this adds up to thousands of dollars of damage. I don’t know if you have Sierra’s (this car) in the states, but it’s a sack of shit from the early ninties. This cheap bastard could probably get away with a £100 paint job (if my conversion skills are up to scratch, that’s about $200) or just buy a new, non-piece-of-shit car


    @flex: That’s what I thought as well. It would be really hard to prove.


    I don’t know, Britain has cctv everywhere.


    Stupid bitch… the pussy is ALWAYS worth it.


    The American version of this car is the Ford Taurus and yeah, it is a piece of shit also.


    Also, he should have taken 360 pictures so we can see what she did on the sides and back.