Flat Lightbulb

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Bloody Brilliant – it won’t roll, cheaper to package, cheaper to ship and you can stack them. I imagine manufacturing these is quite expensive though.
Taken from: www.woohome.com/home-gadgets/flat-bulb-by-joonhuyn-kim/1674

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    Now that’s what I’m talking about.


    Im curious as to lifespan of said bulb.
    That said this thing is pretty swank, but any benefits of using 1/3 less space/packing/souls of the unborn would be offset if it lasts 1/3 as long.

    Now an LED light with a similar profile would be hawt




    Yah I don’t get how LED lights haven’t taken the world by storm. Even all those ‘green’ CFL lights are a load of crap because they contain mercury and are still bad for the environment when disposed of.
    People are gullible and stupid and believe whatever the commercials tell them, so they go out and buy these “green” products with good intentions, yet profit-fueled misinformation results in people settling for Less Bad instead of Good. LED lights motherfuckers! Get them!


    Finally! A lightbulb that won’t stuck in mouth!


    This design looks as if it would not handle thermal stress cycles very well.


    Why is the last picture shooped?


    : first off, you’re right. As the price of LED lights drops, we ought to see them dominate the market. It just makes sense. However, don’t dismiss flourescent lights as the gateway technology they were. They use a fraction of the electricity old tungsten bulbs use. Less than five years ago, LEDs were a rich man’s plaything. At the time, if you wanted to go green, you used flourescents and recycled the bulbs.


    I believe some of the issue with going to LED lights is that getting LEDs made that emit light in a pleasing frequency isnt easy to do with high output bulbs.


    Have been waiting for LED prices to come down so I can replace all these candles. heh no I use halogen bulbs, damn CFL(and the non compact)flicker too much. Gives me headaches.