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doomsday wallpaper

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    nice bewbs, jerk.


    Phew what a ridiculous movie.Though I have to admit, I wish I was ripped like the protagonist.


    Protagonist… you mean Rhona Mitra? She is hot, but not really ripped. The girl pictured above would kick her ass and probably mine. Which I would enjoy in some strange way, that I cannot quite explain.

    I believe the premise for the movie was: Mad Max was cool, lets rip it, but poorly… and in Scotland. Someone should have focused on the script a bit more.

    The best part of the movie was this girl: hot, athletic, good tat’s, and she really did come across as feral.


    I was high enough to enjoy this movie despite it’s faults.


    No way. The girl in the picture might be able to kick her ass yes, but only because she’s bigger. Not because her muscles are bigger.
    You see, out of all women in that movie Rhona stood out the most. She’s not exactly ripped yea, but she’s perfect to me. Her muscles aren’t too big so that it’s kinda ugly, but they’re clearly visible.
    I believe she trained especially for this movie.

    But here, take a look:

    And I agree, it could have been amazing if the script was a little more carefully written.


    I see your point.

    I did manage to laugh at the dead girlfriend in the car bit near the end. The very “Road Warrior” inspired end. Just before the closing one-liner that made me embarrassed I was still watching the movie (you have to admit that that was one of the lamest one-liners ever).

    A better script, me being high, or the two girls wrestling (nude and oiled) would have helped me appreciate the movie.


    Haha oh yeah, it had definitely enough one-liners.
    My favourite thing was this: (NSFW)

    I watched it till the end as well. Just have to do it, or I’ll explode from not knowing what happened.
    Being high makes almost any movie good it’s true. Except for some, don’t ever watch the blair witch project when high.


    An elaborate lengthy commercial for whatever car that was.


    This movie was six good movies rolled into one. Too bad that’s a horrible idea. Better to take Mad Max, 28 days later, whatever “modern humans meet up with knights on horseback” movie you like, and a political thriller for Bob Hoskins, and watch each seperately. Also, the movie was british– I was hoping that once, just once, the no nonsense, highly professional black operative who adds gravitas to the otherwise silly plot might actually live. Sadly, I was once again disappointed. I liked the pictured chick’s role (although post apocalyptic cannibal gangs is writer code for “we have no… Read more »


    When I watched this movie I decided to take a shot every time someone got hit in the face with an ax. I got pretty wasted. It’s almost as bad as taking a shot every time Mark Dacascos stomp kicks someone in the stomach in Brotherhood of the Wolf.

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