Close-up of A Cat`s Tongue

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    The bumps and hairs are very obvious when you’re dissecting a cat. I got to go to the morgue in the basement of a nursing school once for Biology class. Cats are cheaper than people, there were lots of dead cats for us to take apart.


    So that is what velcro comes from.

    Jesus Christ

    omg!!11!! i submititted tits pic with a bettar tital!!!!11!!





    kk how do you do the link tag thingy


    JC, what was your title?

    tiki god

    @Pants: do you see that arrow next to the person’s name? click on that and you get a reply, so you don’t have to manually type out the person uid, which is only there for bragging rights anyways.

    also: there were like 4 versions of this submitted. one didn’t suck.


    Haha, better title, yea riight. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Tiki posted the picture a user by the name of Demon submitted, instead of Jesus Christ’s submission.
    Dun dun duuun.

    Jesus Christ

    @dieAntagonista: I like this answer better than me saying I was just acting like a noob to show how other people act when they do stupid shit like that. Much like Tiki did this one time now that I think about it.

    And yes, I actually -did- submit the same pic. =P Whether or not I had a better title is something I don’t remember.

    tiki god

    @Jesus Christ:
    honestly there is no rhyme or reason for why some images get up and others get nuked, other then I’m a drunk and some images just make me raaaage.


    Haha I know you’re not tiki. What I meant was that tiki prefers Demon’s over Jesus Christ. It’s a joke, I wrote that because some fanatics on here have been pointing out how this site has become so anti-religion.
    And I don’t believe you, being old is a myth, Also, wise man says your life starts with 50, so there’s nothing to worry about.




    Only 6 more years until I can party like it’s…ummm…2014.