Call in Gay!

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Your pay is docked. Sick-yep, vacation-yep, bereavement-yep, no provisions for being gay. Now get to work.

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    “Hi boss? I can’t come in today. I’m gay for one day and I’m gonna get as much cocksucking in as I possibly can.”

    Alec Dalek

    @deuce: I lol’ed


    oh come on…that’s my goddamn birthday!!! Now I can’t call in sick..

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Damn. Its going to be tough to get coffee on 12/10.


    I’m off today,
    I caught the gay,
    the price I pay,
    for taking that short cut through Castro.


    @peatpunk: That’s awesome… I LoL’d


    “Fight the hate with love”?!?! Yeeeaaaaah. Like fighting the fire with gasoline. Nothing gets haters going like a bit of love. Funny, but when you look at the past fights against racism or bigotry, the BEST weapon to fight with is the law, not love. Love didn’t get ANYONE the right to vote, or equal access.


    lol.. that’s my bf’s birthday. I should give him hell for being off.


    I’m lost…


    Moe, I have a decent amount of respect for you, but this post was just bigoted hateful bullshit and you fuckin’ know it. Quit spreading hate life is too short and precious to bother with this small minded crap. Tiki, I know you slam groups/organisations/whatever but this is out and out bigotry. You’ve made stances against hate speech and bigotry on this site more than once and this is no different. I expected better. For any of you that don’t agree on religious backing, the bible itself says “Do onto others…” Jesus himself stood for tolerance, forgiveness, understanding and unconditional… Read more »


    sorry, what threat does it pose what an adult in the privacy of their bedroom does with another adult pose to them? Explain that to me cause I don’t get it. BTW, before you scream, “fag” or “queer” or any other shit, those who know, know that I am as far from gay as it gets, but people I know, love and care about are and ignorance, prejudice, intolerance, and small mindedness piss me the right deep end motherfucking supernova off so you can go burn in a special level of a really, really hot extradimentional place.


    sorry again, pose to YOU? Open your damned small minds.


    I don’t get it…call in gay….wouldn’t that be like saying being gay is a disease?…


    @ladysango: I’m thinking something along the lines of emotional, mental, physical condition associated with being gay and the pressure and stress related to people knowing you are gay?