America -v- Murrica aka Dumbfuckistan

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    “Hey! Dis her’s Merrica, so y’all’d better git to speekin Merrican! We don’t like dat booga booga crapola from Turrististan.”

    Heard that verbatim in a bar in my hometown of KCK, smack dab in the middle of Merrica.


    This image is gay.


    i agree. should have stayed on /b/

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Not being from American I can say my perspective is this:

    Red States: Kind scared but for the most part a lot smarter than most people think.

    Blue States: Egotistical dipshits who think the sun rises and sets on their own egos with no more perspective than the tofu they sprinkle in their organic salads. Overly judgmental closet racists who about as close to enforcing Nazi ideology as America has ever seen. “Think like us or else” should the the democratic party supporters motto. If it isn’t already.

    This picture is pure failure. It would kill at a Starbucks.


    This image is th truth, middle America is too much cut off from the rest of the world to know what direction is even up anymore. they still have Klan rallies out there in the red areas. LOL


    @magnus…. Unfortunately your flaw is that the “Think like us or else” was the Republican reasons for us invading Iraq ya big dummy. And what;s wrong with eating healthy? Not sure what part of the world you come from but it seems full of hate and ego actually.


    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

    Umm yeah… I’m not American either but I don’t think you make a jot of sense. But I do know you are a wee bit of a troll so have fun.


    Interesting. Most maps usually forget that NM is one of the fifty, but this one Arkansas gets to hide…And mAngUS is dead bang on for Santa Fe and Taos. Rest of NM? Trucks, guns, dogs, beef, and a whole lot of open space between neighbors.


    @SKILLERWHALE: Hate to tell you, but teh google says klan rallies and meetings are held in pretty much every state. Not just in the south. Also, though i’m not surprised since pretty much everyone is a wingnut dickwad now days who thinks the other side sucks no matter what and can’t see past your own political beliefs, but, I just wanna know wtf happened to arkansas. 😛 It’s conveniently missing from both maps.


    : I live in Nebraska, up is where Jesus lives. I would write more but I have to hurry as I am late for my Klan rally. Asshat.


    : Well, magnus pegged you squarely. And go back and look at the vote to invade, it was overwhelmingly FOR (including many Dems). And your vast generalization of klan rallies is offensive. Prove that the red areas still have them (and proving some doesn’t mean all have it).

    Wait…what’s that noise? Oh, it’s not the Republicans whining about stolen elections.


    @SumoSnipe: South Carolina got dropped too…

    No great loss there though.


    You should actually look at the maps by county because THOSE make more sense. This wasn’t a clear cut and divided election. The MOST any candidate got in any state was ~60% and that’s not enough to write off the whole state. I live in NY and up here it was the suburbanites from Staten Island who were the only burough to go to McCain. Considering it’s mostly people in the over 250k income bracket, I’m not shocked. My mom lives in TX and her city (as well as ALL the big cities) went for Obama. The fact is, when… Read more »


    Damn missed that. need more caff….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    Arkansas actually broke off to form its own country. possible names tossed around by locals included fuckingmycousinastan, BigRock, Amerikey, illiterateville, Inbredland, but finally settled on Kansas.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Anyone else notice that the red map is in the shape of a “/b”?


    @Magnus-For a canadian, at least you get it.

    @CathyLong-It would be a better picture. When we got our conceal carry, the only counties against the amendment had the metropolitan “liberal” population.

    So when does the guvment start payin’ my mortgage and gas bill already?


    Troll much?


    ITT: Trolling.

    Anyone with half a brain who’s left their home city would know that just because all a state’s electoral votes go to one candidate doesn’t mean all the people agree 100% with everything the candidate who received those votes believes.

    tl;dr – Even Texas voted ~40% Democratic.


    what happened to Arkansas? WHAT HAPPENED TO ARKANSAS?!?!?!?! OHHHH THE HUMANITY!!!!


    … Isn’t the freaking point of the damn country that there are two parties and we have a CHOICE of who to elect? “Dumbfuckistan” is extraordinarily short sited, missing the bigger picture of an election, uneducated, and misinformed. The red states are no more stupid than the blue, just hold different ideals.

    This picture is pure fail. If nothing more is an example of that is the fact that titles could easily be switched and make just as many people angry and just as many people defensive. It should have stayed on /b/ where it belongs.


    Arkansas sunk into the sea… I hear they’re building a ship that’s the same size and shape as the state, though, so they’ll just replace it with that.


    Tiki! What happened to my muthaflippin comment?!1

    tiki god

    That’s just the opposite of reality I’m afraid. “Dumbfuckistan” IS extraordinarily short side, missing the bigger picture of an election, uneducated and misinformed. Sadly it’s your own conclusions that fail. The red states are dumbfuckistan, and they were inherently more stupid then the blue and definitely hold different ideals.


    @Dragyn: The freaking “point” of our country “was” freedom of speech and freedom of religion… all of the decisions DumbFuckistan make are are based on religion and traditions yet they affect ALL Americans (which really counters the whole freedom of speech/religion all together)… abortion, gay marriage, or In God We Trust on your dollar bill these are the top items on your concern list… you want to host the radical traditionalists as they wave there rebel flags that’s fine but be prepared to fall under the same umbrella term. Meddling with foreign affairs and regimes then splashing around the blood… Read more »


    ““Hey! Dis her’s Merrica, so y’all’d better git to speekin Merrican! We don’t like dat booga booga crapola from Turrististan.”

    Heard that verbatim in a bar in my hometown of KCK, smack dab in the middle of Merrica.”

    Yup. I live in Manhattan (I go to K-State). It was fun to see all the anti-Obama stuff around shortly before the election. “Dem dere republikinz were gettin’ scurred!”


    i went to k-state for a while- lived in the shitty apple for 6 years. god i hate that town

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m an overeducated, latte-drinking, liberal douchebag and even I disagree with the picture. Just because someone disagrees with me doesn’t mean they’re an idiot and just because a state voted for a candidate I didn’t like doesn’t mean the whole state is full of dumbfucks.


    @Dublin0: “all of the decisions DumbFuckistan make are are based on religion and traditions yet they affect ALL Americans (which really counters the whole freedom of speech/religion all together)… abortion, gay marriage, or In God We Trust” And yet two of the states in America that went to Obama banned gay marriage at the same time, California and Florida. So, maybe there isn’t such a clear delineation between states as this map would lead you to believe? Nah, fuck it! Obviously anyone who lives in a state where the electoral votes went to McCain is a backwater, gun-toting, science-hating, redneck,… Read more »

    teezy weezy

    To the rest of the world you are all fucking idiots 🙂


    @teezy weezy: And dumb fucks all over the world too. So touche.


    @Puulaahi: Right.


    How about “fucking asswipes who think they are better than everybody else and the rest of us”?

    I love the way people scream for tolerance and then bitch, moan and protest agains those who make a choice that opposes their own views.

    @Kishi: 1000 internets to you for “There are dumbfucks in every state, every city, every party, and on every side of the debate. Protip: if you agree with the map above, you’re one of those dumbfucks.”


    eat a trees splintery cock you whale fucking fags.
    Hey blue states…where the fuck’s my reparations?


    You already got your reparations. We just made monthly installments called walefare. Turns out we over paid. Now you owe us $180,000,000,000,000. I rounded the change down.


    @Kishi: Do you know where Obama stands on gay Marriage… and yes I understand that the Murrika states had a majority of Dumb Fucks who came out and voted, thanks for not going technical… sorry if you live in Murrika guys I didn’t mean you if your not retarded by Umbrella term I meant the right side not Murrika by hosting… think about the issues the right side caters too, should have been allot more specific I guess… here’s some perspective

    Special Kail

    ya, so I’m from TN. There’s a lot of stupid hicks around here. I’m not one of them. Still though, I thought this picture was funny.

    Why are people from other countries arguing about this shit, like they even know?

    this picture is either supposed to be funny… or not. Just laugh, or don’t, mark it WIN or FAIL and move the fuck on. Not every fucking picture has to start a debate. You sheep


    @Dublin0: I’m well aware of the stance of Obama’s administration on gay marriage- during the VP debates, when Biden said he opposed gay marriage, that was pretty disappointing. And that’s a fair part of why I’m not a Democrat. If they really cared about minorities and equal rights as much as they say they do, they would be vocal on their support of gay marriage.

    But you were the one who brought up the “gay marriage = crimes of Red States” thing, not me.


    @Dublin0: And what is your link supposed to be illustrating? If you look, 6 of the bottom 12 states on the list went to Obama, 6 went to McCain. So, I guess that really just supports my idea that there are dumbfucks on both sides.


    @Kishi: I’m a registered republican (gotta work on that) I was aiming at the right, again not the states the right, may have been misdirected in retrospect and yes there are dumb fucks on both sides Red & Blue, Repub & Dems, Me & You



    Do you even live in america? Or are you just some stereotypical “AMERICA IS THE GREAT SATAN OF THE WEST” eurofag?

    Seriously. This map is just flaming with idiocy.


    Now dat block pajama is in cuntroll I dont nevah has ta werk no more, all mah blings iz gunna bee free, an soonj we is gon get the national kil a honkey day cause congoress is all full of da white guilt. Thank You MErrica.


    Please append North West Florida to Dumbfuckistan, k? thanks, because the people here are really fucking stupid.



    How are Alaska and Hawaii so close, yet have such vastly different climates? I think that’s the question we should be asking.


    @the3g_ipwn: What are you talking about? One is on the right side of the picture, one is on the left side. Nowhere near each other!


    @thelotuseater725: Yes let’s speak of Europe like they are retarded or something derogative, even in with the global recession their dollar still remains stronger than ours by margins exceeding 20 percent… but no I don’t know if you noticed the registered Republican post or not but I am American, just not Dumbfuckenese

    Billy Manic

    Some people are dumb, and some people aren’t. The end. Now excuse me as I go be awesome.

    teezy weezy

    My point made.



    “suburbanites from Staten Island who were the only borough…”

    Read the WHOLE sentence. I know it’s a borough, made of people who live in and are mentally a “suburb” of the real world.


    These are huge states and they both went about 60/40. So give ‘credit’ where it’s due, but don’t go around assuming everyone from a certain state is any “better” than anyone else based on how their electorate voted.


    Who Gives A Shit Americas Going Down Hill Bunch Of Goons That Ran Away From The Countrey They Couldnt Hack It In


    Bah, posted this on the wrong picture….

    In response to Nyokki’s “Found on /b/”

    “The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
    Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.” — TOP OF EVERY PAGE ON /b/



    A Merrican wouldn’t know a liberal if it smacked it in the face. ‘Merrica only has right wing and right wing nut jobs. The right wingers here are more left wing than your left wingers.