You’re All Wrong

You're All Wrong

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    Nah… I think the second one is right…
    If you were to flip it upside down though, it would be even more right.



    Notice there is no sign of the ninja WE WERE RIGHT WOO


    ironically all of them contain truth. finding all your answers in one place is the only wrong, except for your own heart – that’s the furthest you need to search for the truth.

    telling people they are wrong is a great way to keep them from hearing your point. not that u care, Tiki, u just put this stupid shit up boost hits.


    Atheists UNITE!


    Be kind, respect your fellow man, that’s pretty much what every religion asks. Religion is great; it gives people hope. It’s just when they start getting crazed fans does it ruin it for everyone. Enjoy your life, but don’t push your beliefs onto other people. That’s when things get all pissy.


    How exactly do you ‘search your heart’ and how do you objectively determine the results of the search?


    What religion does the one on the right that looks like a tiller represent?





    Alpha Harrison

    The one on the right is Buddhism. Weird how this has got the ying and yang do-dad on there (which as far as i’m aware, is about balance, not faith), and yet doesn’t have the symbol for Sikhism, which is a huge religion. I’m gonna have to go ahead and call EPIC FAIL.

    This one time, someone sent me a picture of two dudes fucking, and I thought that was the gayest thing I ever saw on the internet. Then I read your post….


    @Ando: search your heart, go with your gut, trust your instincts… pick any of them. your brain is doing so much more calculating than you could be consciously aware of, weighing every detail you miss. being objective about what little our conscious minds can juggle at once is often pointless. when our brains give us hunches and warnings in our “hearts” or “guts”, it’s meant to help us filter through all the crap floating in the cache of our conscious minds. of course, we all have deep-seeded peril floating in our subconscious, so take your hunches with a grain of… Read more »


    Is Piracy a religion?


    @Alpha Harrison: then you haven’t been on the internet very long


    Pastafarian here.

    Ha.Take that , jesus.


    Thanks Alpha.


    @Ando: I tried googling my heart it didn’t help much… @ Dyna-Mole Dude consider that not everyone who is a non-believer started out that way, in fact I would say 83 percent started as believers, much like a child at around age 6 forced to come to terms that Santa Clause is an elaborate story based on a very nice & noble man named Kris Kringle (or “Christkind” in German) whos actions were observed than through the act of story telling portrayed as a magic saint performing magic that unbeknownst to the gullable child is the action or mere mortals…… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    @Namelis1: You do realize it’s impossible for an Atheist to be a Satanist? But I know a lot of Christians have been told that Atheists are Satanists so many times that they start to believe it.

    Alec Dalek

    @Malcrasternus: It’s because the normal Christians don’t do anything about the crazies, so they become responsible for them. Same goes for ordinary Muslims that don’t do anything about extremists. How is it religious folks can be so judgmental, but then turn a blind eye to shit they should be on top of? They should at least judge everyone if their going to judge most of us.


    think@AlecDalek: Most Christians aren’t as judgemental as you think, and there isn’t anything they can do about the crazies except not give them there full support, you can’t silence a crazy person… I mean when the church group that always protests Kevin Smiths movies etc… all the church can do is avoid joining those masses, they can’t silence them, I am sure most would disavow the extremists yet the extremist embraces the entire religion as a following. The more and more I think about it the more I realize we are simply a flawed race and we can only combat… Read more »


    I second Alpha Harrison’s EPIC Fail for this one.
    i seriously doubt the maker of this bumper sticker could prove the taoist philosophy wrong. its quite logical and agrees with science.


    @Malcrasternus: That sounds a lot like Sam Harris. I’m not sure where I stand on that because on the one hand I don’t think anyone should be held accountable for the actions or views of others. On the other hand it would be nice if people were more assertive about speaking against those in their ranks that make them look so bad. For example, I once witnessed a Westboro Baptist group (god hates fags) protesting some play about Matthew Shepard. The counter protest, while much bigger, was almost entirely comprised of members of the gay community. It would have been… Read more »


    Oh, and this image is incredibly offensive. Not because it is insensitive to peoples’ faith but because it’s not even remotely clever about it.


    Yah, the Tao Te Ching is a book of philosophy / poetry, not a religion. And Atheists can in fact be Satanist, it just depends what type of Satanist. The largest group that calls themselves Satanist don’t believe in the Devil or anything to with a religious mythos, they follow a way that is basically : Do whatever you feel like doing. Because that lead so naturally to the many things the Church calls sins, they were branded incorrectly as Satanists by the Pope (I think, or a subordinate, i can’t remember exactly) the “Satanists” being the types to not… Read more »


    Well at least Rastafarian and Voodoo is right.


    IMO ‘hunches’, ‘guts’, ‘heart’ and ‘instincts’ are just reactionary impulses – My grandad had a hunch that black people were up to no good.

    Saying “your own heart – that’s the furthest you need to search for the truth.” Then following it with “take your hunches with a grain of salt” shows how fuzzy your thinking is. Maybe you should let your brain take over and put your heart and guts out to pasture.


    @greytone: Dude What part of the Hollie Bibble says anything about killing a homosexual, It’s not even a deadly sin, or a 10 commandment. I have seen it say a man shall not lay with another man nothing about assassinating a pillow muncher/Packer’s fan.
    @Puulaahi: Dude Rastafarian belief is close to Christianity except they believe the bible is a tool used to empower the church body leaders and they would NEVER vote for war.


    I need to lay off saying dude so much WTF




    wow 4 in a row sorry guys@Ando: In Everyone’s Opinion It’s always the loser’s of a debate who jump to a mispelling or a technical punch as a sign the opposing force is not up to par or “fuzzy” it’s about the lamest rebuttal one can procure.


    but I do agree Ando Dyanmole is pretty damn fuzzy… maybe a Rasta after a ceremony.


    Telling me I’m lame when you’ve just made four posts in a row?
    Interesting tack. I like your style.


    I wonder how should I rebuttal do I hypocritically attack the use of the word Tack because we aren’t sailing or the association of my 4 unrelated posts in a row, where to strike, where to strike??? I give up Ando your awesome… strike away Wiki-ranger


    So much BS in this thread. a) There are two schools of satanism. One is LaVeyan Satanism, which is an atheist moral philosophy in it’s own right, and uses Satan simply as a metaphor. The second is that which worships satan as the deity and buy into the whole god/jesus/satan christian idea, but just decided to go with the bad guy. People who follow this are in the minority compared to LaVeyan satanists. b) Sylvanish is right – The Aum symbol isn’t hindu exclusive. It refers to the sound of the creation of the universe – Either brahma breathing out… Read more »


    @Mack: Oh come, come now guys just listen to your hearts, feel deep down inside you, quiet your mind feel the force feel it flow within you, it’s just that simple let your conscious be your guide Pinocchio… LOL


    @Dublin0: Leviticus 20:13

    @Mack: What is an atheist big bang? Sounds like one hell of a party! The cosmological model however takes no theological stance one way or the other.


    Wow I’ve never seen that passage, I’m Rastafarian so the Bible is pretty much horse shit to me anyway but wow, it does say they shall surely be put to death. Not too many folks pay the old testament much mind, they just find validity origins of all creation…


    To summerize, you can all believe in your own little imaginary friend.
    Just don’t shove it down MY fucking throat!


    I’ve got a little something extra for that


    i’m just trying to point out there isn’t always a solid conclusion to be drawn from objectivity in any given scenario. much of life is “gray” and tho many people, religious and atheist, prefer clear lines drawn, that isn’t always helpful or realistic. how one should approach living depends on one’s goals in life; mine is really just to attain a good measure of happiness and let the details be whatever they happen to be. I trust my instincts to guide me there. It’s right FOR ME. FOOOORRRRR MEEEEEEEEE. do whatever the fuck you want. i will get my happiness… Read more »


    @dublino: you meant to say let your “conscience” be your guide. you’re the one saying to let your “conscious” be your guide.

    the problem with Atheism is that it is merely a reaction to religion. it’s still a category in humanity’s belief system. not believing in God is perfectly rational, but the point of Atheism isn’t to not believe in God. it’s to live in this lifetime and this world alone and not regard anything unproven. Atheists and Christians often times have a common ultimatum: “Think as I think or I will mock your values system.”


    “Religion – it’s given people hope, in a world torn apart…by religion.” – John Stewart


    @Namelis1: Actually atheists don’t believe in Satan either.

    @Twee: Buddhism, which is technically a philosophy, not a religion.

    I agree, epic fail.