David Vs Goliath

David Vs Goliath

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    Brevity Truta

    Looks like David’s been dragged out of bed (with sheet in tow) for the shot of what is obviously a heady victory.


    stupid daywalkers… always killing.


    The best part about this is that he has a Jew-Fro… adds an authenticity to the shot.


    Looks like Napoleon Dynamite… :p


    Goliath penis head.


    Man this picture is fricken awesome. I mean, how badass can you be. Should I ever have a son, I always wanted to name him after David. Whether it’s true or not, most of the stories in the bible are pure win.


    Is it me, or does David look kinda pissed off that someone went & interrupted his ‘victory celebrations’ to pose with that nasty ass head?

    Also, something that corpsified should still be bleeding, should it? CSI FTL.


    That is one epic foto


    “David is here to give you great head”


    Well I’m surprised no one has said where this came from yet so I’ll enlighten the world ~ It’s from Charlie White. If you don’t know who that is, google him. His work is so bad ass, all creepy like this. Even better is the Adidas commercial he directed. It is on youtube under “Adicolor pink.” Look it up for awesome creepy-ness.


    Hey morons, did you notice the thing with the blood?

    The head is ONLY bleeding where he is standing. So either it magicly decided to cut itself off and fly itself on a big ass magic rug to that place, or….ITS A SHOOP!


    @w0x: Maybe there are blood drops ‘below’ the camera frame? Maybe it was in a bag or on a pillow or something for transport to the spot where the picture was to be taken? He’s posing for his victory, letting it drip in that spot for dramatic effect, but doesn’t mean any sensible person wants a trail of giant blood all down their hallways. Obviously a servant will dutifully scrub the floor clean after the picture is finished as well.


    Story of the greatest critical hit EVER!

    Alec Dalek

    I wonder what really happened that day, assuming there ever was a David and a Goliath? Maybe it was a standard one-on-one combat and David was losing, and then he got in a critical hit, and so that’s how the story was remember and passed down.


    Me too. I think it did happen, the way it’s described in the bible. Only the giant part obviously can’t be true.
    Maybe it was an exceptionally tall man.
    Or David and all the other people were actually Hobbits, and Goliath was the normal person.
    Ok screw that, I have no idea.



    this guy is awesome, I love his stuff.


    Some guys will do anything to give a willowy teen boy head.


    Struggling to find the true source of any fable is a vain and irrelevant task.


    According to the Bible, David was damn sexy. (It even uses those exact words in the KJV.) I’m not seeing it here. Therefore, this picture is biblically inaccurate. Get that skinny-ass dork out and replace him with someone who fits the description, then you may have something.