Pizza Menu

Pizza Menu

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    Chinese American food menus look just like American Chinese food menus.


    Not to be a dick or anything but that menu is in Japaneese


    Actually, Chinese American food menus look like Chinese menus. :p What gets me are the things like the obviously Hot Dog pizza I see up there. Do they seriously think we eat that? >.>
    ( ‘course, even funnier is that it’s Chinese-ized Americanized Italian food. :p )


    ^Haha that’s some funny shit. Though I wouldn’t eat any thing from this menu. Because I’d like to reach at least 60.


    Azodeus is right, it’s Japanese.

    :No, they don’t think we eat that. Japan has really, REALLY weird pizza. And expensive, too.


    Still, the mix is amusing. Pizza, tater tots, hot dogs on sticks ( Dip those in corner batter and fry them, doofus! ), cheesy potato skins, quesadillos, churros….


    @Tyger42: Are we any better in our assumptions of what they eat? Fortune cookies anyone?
    Also, have they not heard of simply listing toppings, not just showing every combination? Jeez, just cause your country is crowded doesn’t mean your menu has to be.


    @azmodeus52: Stating the truth =/= being a dick. I made an incorrect assumption and clearly I can’t tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese writing. I was trying to make a funny and FAIL. I’m gonna commit suicide now by ordering and then eating all the items on that menu. How long you figure that would take? ;<)


    Fuck it, I’ll have a slice of each. Looks good to me.


    The most expensive pizza there, at 3000 yen, equals $30.81 (according to

    The cheapest one is a small at $9.

    Jesus Christ

    @Gunface01: Everyone on MCS said that about your mother, Gunface.


    Pizza everywhere else in the world is a lot more experimental than ours. Traditional pizza is made from leftovers; it’s only really in America that we’re inflexible when it comes to toppings.

    Something that I never tried before I lived in Europe, and was very pleasantly surprised to try: Tuna Pizza w/Onions. That stuff is the shit.


    so what is the point of the 6 or 7 engrish words on this menu?


    Here in Brazil we have weird combos…like pizza made with banana+cheese+cinnamon… but the taste is really good! Not to mention the famous Chicken with catupiry(TM), catupiry is a cream cheese… but in my opinion the “Portuguesa” is the best of all!


    There’s a banana, chilli and bacon pizza at the pizza shop down the road, and it is awesome 🙂 I think they do desert pizzas too. And , english is compulsary in most japanese schools I think (according to my jap teacher), so most of them would understand it, but yeahh, kind of random on the menu 🙂


    i LOVE pizza, but some of that shit looks really funky. Fuck it! gimme a slice of that pie!


    @natedog: In order to make the menu look cool…

    Gotta love the Japanese… 🙂