Moldy Bible

Moldy Bible

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    1. elzarcothepale says:


    2. elzarcothepale says:

      @riverdaledragon: right, no, we get it- she’s a model in canada.

    3. greg_t says:

      Epic thread.

      So Tiki, when will Ed McMahon be stopping by with a check?

      Good night, and good luck.

    4. dieAntagonista says:

      @bajizzle: Summed up very nicely.

      IT’S OVER 9000!!!!11

      Well almost kinda.

      @elzarcothepale: It was a pleasure. It’s early morning here in vienna as well.

    5. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: right.. ok w/e i got to get some sleep before duty tomarrow. night and congrates to me on the EPIC THREAD.

    6. elzarcothepale says:

      megadittos, sir.
      i’m out like a fat kid in a “who’s not fat?” contest.

    7. bajizzle says:

      Wait, your fiance’s brother was in an accident, and she has to go see him in hospital, but you’re going to make her have sex with you first? Or are you just delaying her by posting on this thread? Or did you just say you were going to go to bed while she goes to the hospital to see her injured brother?
      You must be a terrible person to be engaged to. I thought you were telling us you had compassion and cared about people.

    8. MikeBabaguh says:

      I know I arrived late to this party, but I feel like I have to add something here.

      “I believe In God b/c billions have fought for it and always will.”

      This has got to be one of the worst reasons for being religious I’ve ever heard of. This guy strikes me as a modern-day crusader.

    9. Kov says:

      Ya know, I made this name specifically because of this thread.

      riverdale, you should stop the charade of your fiance/dead step brother/science fiction “duty”/Las Vegas paradigm you have going.

      Please share, what “duty” is it that you have doing while in Las Vegas?

      Weren’t you initially planning to go have sex, gamble/party all night. But now you decided you need a good nights sleep for “duty”?

      It’s okay, honestly. I’m not angry or upset, you can go ahead and say you just made up your imaginary world; you’ll feel better afterwards.

      Your stories remind me of this one time…in 4th or 5th grade (perhaps you’re around the same age group) where I made up this extravagant story about my dad being a secret CIA spy, and a few kids believed me; and I was totally cool for a while.

      Anyways. I’m a devout Buddhist. All this picture makes me think is “hey, that’s a cool picture of mushrooms growing on a bible”.

    10. dieAntagonista says:

      @Kov: Nifty. I’m a deist, and all it made me think is, mmm tripping on some shrooms, that would be nice.
      But then I read the comments.

    11. multi_masked says:

      211 comments!? Has there been a pic on MCS that has ever exceeded 100?!

    12. SKILLERWHALE says:

      I can’t believe how awesome this thread has been. Dr Devine seems to be my hero today. I try try try to walk the earth and be as intelligent and information absorbing as possible, was always raised to make my own decisions and from conclusions based on experience, independently. But to explain things to people who are so ignorant so clearly is a talent in itself. Kudos.

      Riverdale”sheep” , you my friend are mercilously free from the ravages of intelligence.

    13. vutterfly says:

      why are there so many tards hanging around MCS?
      I’m going to tell a story.
      We like going to this one coffee shop cuz the owner is really nice and cool and we want to help him out, but the past couple times we’ve been there there’s been this fat retard talking all loud on his cell phone about God and praying and getting his medications (I’m not kidding). Really it’s just annoying because we like to go play chess, and the only noise is this tard.
      Then the last time that we went, a church group was meeting there, WTF. And they were all weird and annoying, too. Although one was playing a guitar and was pretty good at that. But all the others… there was old people and young people and they were just acting all weird.
      Also the Discount Christian store RIGHT next to the play area at the mall we like to go to. WTF. We get to stare at it while our son plays. It’s GROSS.

    14. Ando says:

      Worst thread ever.
      I’m going to go shit in a bible.

    15. BowToMe says:

      Holy dammit Christmas! This is the longest thread I can remember seeing on this site! I mean, how the hell? Well I am just glad to be a part of it … what was the pic again?

    16. Elepski says:

      216 comments! FTW!

    17. MonkeyHitman says:

      @riverdaledragon: you these is what really figgle my figgle sticks, first you talk about how your such a christian and the other hand your talking about going Vegas, sex, alcohol and there all against your bible shouldn’t you be married before you have sex ? and this is what really pisses me of you want to take 50% of the religion and the other 50% you don’t like (but you don’t say) you don’t even “Practice what you preach” wow you think some guy in a black robe who touches little altar boy have the magic to repent your sins …wow seriously i was born a christian and when i could properly think for myself i notice this kinda outrage so i left …and you know what i call my self, i call myself a Free-Thinker.

      hmm lets see back in the old times so called biblical times u were to be baptized when your 18, why because you have brains and a choice to make….. hmm lets see how is it nowadays oh yea its when your born.. the same age group where you cannot speak for yourself, your mind is a sponge, if mommy and daddy say being christian this way is good you will because your an infant.

      just seeing how you reply and talk. YOU ARE A DISGRACE to be under the name of GOD… if Jesus is really true .. i hope there is but the real one, not the one in the books. anyways just ask yourself what would Jesus do? wouldn’t Jesus respect everyone’s view point and not talk about hate and most of the crap you just ranted. if you were really under god you would be spreading love (serious non gay way)be good because you want to, not because on judgment day at the gates of st.peters if u do bad u will go hell..

      you sir are no christian under god, you are a christian under church.

      they are soooo much facts that prove how religion is most causes of war, if we didn’t had bimbo’s like you we wouldn’t have any wars because there would be “in the name of allah” fighting.
      Now fighting for what you believe in that i respect but i can understand that you want to protect you’re country but you have to look at the bigger picture you’re same government started the religious war.

      seriously your mind is clouded with lies, choose your own path as i will therefor respect it but within moments of disrespect as you displayed, you will no longer be respected

      just remember, in one simple thread you displayed how you broke so much religious laws of Christianity. do you really considered yourself faithful to the lord, If so what your doing is the opposite of what you have desire.

    18. BigDisk says:


    19. ian356094 says:

      Sweet jesus, someone post a picture of a moldy koran.

      This is awesome.

    20. Damn. I missed the shitstorm of all shitstorms on M[c]S. Oh, well. Never thought I’d be saying this hear, but… posting in an epic thread.

    21. Marrock says:

      Everybody has to believe in something… I believe I’ll have another beer.

    22. natedog says:

      in after shitstorm

    23. schzoidmac says:

      jesus h christ on a crutch. thats alot of shit.

    24. Dr.Devine says:

      ANyone else notice how he just sorta gave up towards the end, and critiqued us all for wasting our time, yet he himself was wasting time to answer us?
      Anyone think that deserves some rofls?
      ANd this thread is amazing. Regardless of how fucking retarded it is.
      And, if you will bother to answer, you fucking numbskull:
      You said soldiers did more good than I ever would. I answered that you were wrong. Accept defeat.
      You said that your god accepted killing. According to your book, he does not.
      You are wrong. Accept that.
      You said that without soldiers, we’d all be dead. I contradicted bys simply stating that if all soldiers ceased to exist, there wouldn’t be a need for soldiers, because we’d have no one trying to kill us.

      So, with that mcs enemy, I crown you emperor of the ass hats.
      I’m going to go run off my hangover.

    25. frozen_fire says:

      did any one actually read all of this?

    26. Dr.Devine says:

      And, no, if I can get a bitch to answer, the shitstorm ain’t over just yet.

    27. RSIxidor says:


      Not me, I’m still stuck on the fact that its just a book (in this case the bible) that was let somewhere that mold and/or fungus was enabled to grow with strength and somehow that lead to 70+ and now 220+ comments on something that should have gone like this:

      Wow, that bible’s growing fungus.

      Man, that’s crazy.

      (Angry comment against religion)

      (Angry comment for religion)

      Hey, you guys, shut up because this is a book with mold on it.


    28. zilch says:

      anyone who thinks this picture is negative in any way is a fucking retard.
      the universe created fungus, if you choose to refer to the universe as the anthropomorphic deity of your choosing, then he or she created fungus.
      these are beautiful mushrooms in harmony with their food source which happens to be a book. i think its beautiful

    29. howsyoursister says:

      Please let me start off by saying the following:

      @riverdaledragon: You profess to be christian, but do not represent us. The term christian, to the best of my knowledge, means to be Christ-like. Would Jesus Christ fly off the handle and swear at everyone who happened to disagree with him? I seem to remember somewhere in the scriptures about “turn the other cheek”. Or how about if your brother offends you, you must forgive him not once, but 70 times 7. You sir, are a fraud.

      @Monkeyhitman: Not all religions believe in baptism at birth. The Pentecostal religion allows for dedication of the child. When the child reaches an age of understanding, they choice is theirs whether or not to be baptized. The “age of understanding” is different for each child. I was baptized when I was 15.

      @everyone else: Unfortunately, there are those that think they speak for everyone. One bad apple, as it were. While I do believe there is a God (or god if you prefer) I do not feel the need to cram my beliefs down everybody’s throats. On behalf of myself (as I do not wish to speak for others) I would like to apologize for the childish tirades of riverdaledragon.

    30. Catherine Longfellow says:

      I read most of it and I immediately regretted it.

      1. dragonfaghater whines about a moldy bible because he can’t handle the destruction or photoshop of a piece of fiction literature.

      2. atheists get all uppity calling him a moron with no sense of humor.

      3. he proves them right by acting like one.

      4. peacemaker agnostics and people with educations try to difuse the situtation.

      5. failure.

      6. dragonfaghater claims ‘fags’ are a new invention, monkeys should have gone extinct and it’s okay to believe in dragons and any religion popular enough to drive masses to their graves… but you’re an idiot if you believe in evolution.

      7. the whole of mcs laughs at his ignorance.

      8. faghaterdragonlover says he was trolling everyone but continues to spew teh same crap proving he wasn’t a troll, just a moron trying to save face.

      9. ???

      10. Epic Profit!

    31. SumoSnipe says:

      humph. we didn’t hit 250…..

    32. elzarcothepale says:

      is the internet over yet?
      there is still hope, sir.

    33. garbledxmission says:

      Just wanted to add, the screen name “riverdaledragon” is an reeeeally gay name.

    34. garbledxmission says:

      Sorry, *a

    35. RSIxidor says:

      @garbledxmission: That’s okay if his name is REALLY gay. I always thought of vowels as feminine.

    36. DasMaus says:

      Epic thread IS indeed epic.

      @Catherine Longfellow: Congrtatulations for the perfect summary (I disagree with the fictional literature part but that’s moot at this point)

      @riverdaledragon: Thanks for reinforcing the anti-Christian stereotype so exceptionally well you jackass. If you can’t learn to present your point of view logically and maturely stay on the fucking sidelines. There’s enough hate focused at us as there is without your help. I’m sure glad I didn’t catch this thread earlier because I might have felt sorry for your pathetic ass.

    37. Alec Dalek says:

      @riverdaledragon: You might want to consider if, what you’ve done here, is a conscious or unconscious attempt to prove your own beliefs to yourself. If you truly believed what you do, you would not feel the need to try an convince others so strongly.
      Oh, and remember, the zeal will ware off, so you might want to keep a few friends for when that happens.

    38. Luke Magnifico says:




    39. merthsoft says:

      You all just made Tiki $3.58 or something. I hope your proud of yourselves.
      Christ, I bet Tiki has 5 accounts, and just uses them all to bait people into posting so he gets more money. Which I’m ok with because one time he gave me $5. So, actually, keep it up.
      Uh, God is dead, hell is other people, jesus was black and just a crazy-ass kid doing some magic tricks, he then sold his soul to the devil so he could reincarnate and haunt his mum. He also had hella-sex with mary m.. Discuss.

    40. merthsoft says:

      fuck. You’re*

    41. Luke Magnifico says:


      I am an Atheist.

      So clearly the only course of action left to me at this juncture is to go and murder riverdaledragon.

      Because I have no sense of morality, because I have no God to fear.

      Just putting it out there.

    42. Luke Magnifico says:

      @merthsoft: Dayum, Jay-zee-us was a player, yo.

    43. MonkeyHitman says:

      @LukeV1-5: lol wtf jay-zee-us dont have a big lip lol

    44. RSIxidor says:


      Lets go for 500:

      I heard Muslims plant the Bible in places where fungus and mold grow so that this will happen to them. True story. And also atheists are baby killers. True story. And Hindus run the American government and want to take your guns away. True story.

    45. natedog says:



    46. MonkeyHitman says:

      @RSIxidor: hahahahha sorry but merthsoft is trying the same thing and i dunno about baby killing … maybe baby punching lololol & no wonder there soo much seven eleven marts with indians :O.

      i must say the only way this topic will live if we have a next guy like riverdaledragon pops and talk some bullshit that make atheist like me want to kick his face xD lolol

      the greatest joke is that he is reading all this because no matter the situation one has gone tru he MUST check back … most cases wont post .. but he checks it .. for update. even myself when i make myself look like a fool on other forum i still check back to see what they say after lol.


      won this round in forumwarz

      Free Intertubewebs for 1 month
      congrats for great MCS devotion

    47. Luke Magnifico says:

      Well, I kill babies all the time. I do it as much as I can, but I have to fit it in with my schedule for pissing on the gravestones of veterans and punching puppies in the face.

    48. dege says:

      When I browsed the site yesterday afternoon there were 3 comments on this picture. Today I was shocked to see the 250+ posts. Curious by nature, I decided to read them. I regret the time I wasted.
      Though, I would like to point out that the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes (not just typos) were largely made by the most popular troll: riverdaledragon. This is not a coincidence.

    49. DasMaus says:

      @MonkeyHitman: I’m willing to bet that riverdaledragon, which is a userID that even my 10 y/o LOTR-loving daughter laughed at, won’t be back even though he’s following the thread, he’s been called on being a massive loser of a troll and he doesn’t have the brains or balls to try to prove them wrong.

      @LukeV1-5: fail – you’re suppose to kick puppies in the ribcage (much better for both sound effects and distance) and shit on veterans graves.
      Oh and btw, babies are simply too easy to kill, so unless you’re offing them in some insidiously diabolical and creative way, no extra internets for you.

    50. Tony says:


      One thing I love about living in Europe: no Christards trying to save me every 5 minutes.

    51. MonkeyHitman says:

      @DasMaus: hahahahaha i mean even if he accept it i would welcome him back because even .. yes…even wannabe trolls deserve a chance


      nooo you supposed to throw puppy over the grand canyon and see if they land on there paws, i dunno about veterans thou 1 boy 1 verteran 1 cup ? and btw myspace makes me punch babies

    52. Jas3n_bla says:

      Lol to this whole post.
      I’m a Christian, my two best friends are atheists. We get along incredibly well, we respect each other, and none of us make generalizations about each others belief systems.

      You guys need to lighten up, smoke some pot or something.

      @Tiki God: so your parents lied to you about santa, Get over it bro. To say that all people who follow religions are idiots is like me saying “All atheists are going to hell.” Neither Christians (or religious people in general) nor Atheists (or agnostics or humanists or whatever it is you call yourselves) will win this argument, every time either side calls the other side a name they sound like 8 year olds.

    53. natedog says:

      @Jas3n_bla: but all atheists ARE going to hell, dude

    54. Jas3n_bla says:

      @natedog: Right? And all people who believe in God are idiots. Because if a giant bunny who brings us eggs is fake, then so is God.

    55. Luke Magnifico says:

      @Jas3n_bla: What reason do I have to believe God exists?

      Also: Natedog, of course we are. God’s infinite forgiveness isn’t quite infinite enough for us.

      Also, unrelated, but slightly pertinent, maybe: If God’s infallible, then how come I can’t fly? We’d be a much better species if we could fly. How can he not see that?

    56. WoW stupidest, longest threat. Fuck speling.

    57. jadechimera says:


    58. Jas3n_bla says:

      @LukeV1-5: we could do this for hours, this is where I say what reason do I have to believe God doesn’t exist? It doesn’t prove anything. I don’t care that you’re an atheist.

      I’d much rather just get along with atheists than try to force my beliefs on them.

      But I just found a torrent for a workable FFVII CD image, so I’m gonna finally go kill Diamond Weapon.

    59. Dr.Devine says:

      Psh, I dare that stupid motherfucker to come back.
      And today was kinda boring, I need someone to ridicule for having flawed logic, and for being a dick.
      Anyways…. this thread is fucking amazing.

    60. Dr.Devine says:

      @LukeV1-5:Epic schedule you got there.

    61. Tony says:

      @Jas3n_bla: FUCK YOUR GOD COCKBITE

      Just trying to elevate the discussion

    62. Jas3n_bla says:

      @Tony: I literally just lol’d, i’ve never been called a cockbite before.

    63. natedog says:

      @natedog: @Jas3n_bla: @LukeV1-5:

      trolled, ni­gg­ers

    64. Tony says:

      @Jas3n_bla: dood, don’t waste ur time w/ Diamond Weepon. Play Fallout 1 & 2 instead. (Don’t play Oblivion with hats)

    65. dieAntagonista says:

      @nobody knows: Aw look who it is. I think we have a new victim.

      @Tony: Oh yeah? Ok granted, so far no Christian has tried to save me. But they kept me out of their Christian schools for the most part, because it says I have no religion in my birth certificate. How sweet is that, in this oh so great continent. Fuck Europe.

    66. natedog says:

      @dieAntagonista: why would you want to go to a christian school if you are an atheist?

    67. Jas3n_bla says:

      @Tony: I’m not gonna just play most of the way through Final Fantasy VII then quit, it’s just not my style. As far as the Oblivion thing with hats, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    68. dieAntagonista says:

      Also, maybe I should mention that the majority of good schools here,
      are fucking Christian.

    69. Jas3n_bla says:

      @dieAntagonista: same here, Public schools in Michigan=epic fail except for like 4.

    70. JamesTuskGeorge says:

      Hohoho, great country you have there, it’s no wonder you’re in the shit and facing a crash that could take you down to the third world if the only decent schools are private and with their own adgendas.

    71. elzarcothepale says:

      better funding.
      give me all the books i need and i can turn out a better graduating class than any public school, and i could do it out of my garage.

      we’re seriously on track here to take this 300 plus people. I think that means it is time to start bashing Mormons.
      Can a cracker get a: *THIS IS WHAT MORMONS ACTUALLY BELIEVE* list kthnx?

    72. Tony says:

      @dieAntagonista: No, you’re right, Europe blows. I’m just trying to find a ray of sunshine in this blighted continent. I’m gonna be here for at least two more years 🙁

      What cuntry are you in?

    73. dieAntagonista says:

      @natedog: Well I’m not an atheist. But even if I was, because that’s what
      they think, I feel discriminated.
      What I believe is nobody’s business, and they shouldn’t be allowed to keep me out just because of that.
      And yea, the best schools here are just Christian.
      That doesn’t mean that they teach creationism or whatever.
      Just that the headmaster is usually very religious and prefers students who come from Christian families and are baptized.

      It’s funny. The cheaper the schools are, the more likely they are to not care about your religion.
      I live in a fascist country what can I say.

    74. dieAntagonista says:

      @Tony: Haha I see. Yes, the people here are not as tolerating as most non Europeans might assume.
      I live in Austria, you?
      I’ve considered to move to the US, Canada or Australia.
      Just far far away.

    75. Tony says:


    76. Tony says:

      @dieAntagonista: I live in little America. That’s Kaiserslautern, Germany to you. I’m an Amerifag who used to be a militard. I have lived here for 5 years and refused to learn German. I don’t mind city Germans but I’m tired of these fucking Kountry Krauts that take our money and curse us in our face. My wife is a Polack, so I go there a few times a year. Poles are more tolerable, but irritating in their own special way.

      The thing that sucks is when I go home, I’m all like “You know what, Europe ain’t that bad”. I’m just a miserable curmudgeon, I guess.

    77. dieAntagonista says:

      @Tony: Awesome, sounds like an exciting life.
      I actually love Germany, I’ve met some of the sweetest people there.
      But yeah you’re absolutely right, the Kountry Krauts, haha, that’s the kinda people we have here too.
      Also, I agree Poles are one of a kind, hah. But I usually enjoy visiting Poland.
      Most countries here are just fine, just as long as you don’t spend too much time there.

      Well there are always some things that are good about almost everything. But I can understand if you’re glad when you get back to the states.

    78. Luke Magnifico says:

      We need the epic troll back. I reckon, without some fresh ammunition, we probably won’t even make it past 325.

      I have crankulated this on my thinking machine.

    79. Luke Magnifico says:

      Hell, without one last push of effort, we might not even make it to 300.

    80. MonkeyHitman says:

      @Tony: how can you make a desicion based on little knowledge ? you are saying that because 1 country is shitfucked (which is true) all the others are ? no men i must say in europe there is allot of shitfucked contries but then there are some good places like for example, holland .. i fucking love it. the place is cold that ure ballz will freeze off the dutch discrinimate because im from caribbean (black culture) even thou im part dutch also. rent is high, pussy is expensive also weed in my city,the dutch like to judge my kin all the time … i mean hey whats not to like about it here i living the good life !

    81. BowToMe says:

      I think the only way we could top this tread is having a picture of a terrorist using pages of the Bible as toilet paper … hrm … here I come photoshop!!!

    82. JamesTuskGeorge says:

      Bible’s been done, if you want a shitstorm the suggestion’s up there, try the Koran. Got the balls?

    83. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: its funny because my momma gave me the surname Emmanuel which means

      \e-mma-nuel\ is pronounced ee-MAN-yoo-el. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “God is with us”. Variant of the Hebrew name Immanuel. Biblical: a name-title applied to the Messiah, Jesus. The prophet Isaiah envisioned the name of the Messiah as being Immanuel in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, it is another name for Jesus Christ.

    84. Luke Magnifico says:



      I think deity rape opens up a whole new avenue of flamebait.

    85. dieAntagonista says:

      Alright I have to say, there is still a bunch of countries I haven’t been to. Like Holland.
      Sounds pretty dope from what you’re saying.
      I heard Norway is amazing as well. Lots of very open-minded people and whatnot.
      I hear you, on the skin judging thing.
      I’m part Jamaican :p But I don’t look black, as a child I looked kinda black though.
      Still people can’t even look past that.

    86. Tony says:


      @MonkeyHitman: Holland? You mean Nederland, friend. I love Maastricht; A-dam was cool this first couple times, but it’s too touristy. The Dutch have a little black dude that runs around with St Nick that give bad kids coal or some shit, I thought that was hilarious. And all of Europe is racist, ALL OF IT. The Eastern parts are more homophobic than Northern Georgia. Don’t think that I haven’t been around, buddy.

    87. dieAntagonista says:

      @MonkeyHitman: Haha, ah yes I see what you mean. My surname, Aida, means ‘the returning’.
      And my last name which is Hebrew means basically the son of god. Oh the irony. xD
      Seriously, my parents have a really dark sense of humour.
      They were both non religious so I honestly don’t know why they did that.

    88. dieAntagonista says:

      @Tony: “And all of Europe is racist, ALL OF IT” I second that.
      They’re not even ok with white people from other countries.
      I have this American friend who came here on vacation, and after a while he started saying he’s from Canada.
      Everybody was giving him shit because ‘America is such a bad country’ etc. I guess that makes Europeans also xenophobic.

    89. TrikYodz says:

      Hey guys whats u……. HOLY FUCK!! i turn my back for one day and this is what you guys do??!!
      why must there be so many set ideas? theres tards on both sides, yet theres still some smart people on both sides. so it evens out. if youre wondering about me and whatever “side” im on, it can be summed up in one sentence: “blind faith is bad faith is no faith for me.” interpret it however you wanna, but all im gonna imput is that those who are so one sided, whichever side theyre on, shouldnt be…..

      dude. chill, they wont listen. so save your breath and your blood pressure.

    90. Luke Magnifico says:

      I thought I saw a white person once.

      Turns out I was just drunk.

    91. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: HOLY FUCK i never saw that one comming …… so you listen to dancehall and such ?

      on topic: keep in mind everyone is different and has different taste on thing.. for example if you like clubbing 2 max you need to go Spain. Portugal, & Holland, if you want to end up like hostel go to eastern Europe ..

      watched the movie euro trip ?

      different places some are horrible, bad , okay , good , great , exotic. just know if you ever go someplace go with knowledge

    92. SKILLERWHALE says:

      The one underlying thing that everyone has proven no matter hat their beliefs are isa that since day 1, RELIGION HAS DONE ONLY 1 THING, DIVIDE THE PEOPLE. Christanity = Peace, Love and…. separation?

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