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Moldy Bible

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    1. multi_masked says:

      100’th post?

    2. greg_t says:

      “@riverdaledragon: I haven’t killed anyone that didnt have it coming…”

      Well then, herr dragon, I suppose that would make you god according to your Christian religion.

    3. dieAntagonista says:

      @Dr.Devine: I’m a lady. Haha. Thanks mister doctor, you too. It’s not so rare actually, just read through the other comments.
      Also, I stole that phrase ‘America isn’t only a Christian nation’ from one of Obama’s speeches. But shh don’t tell any body.

    4. riverdaledragon says:

      @greg_t: Because of people like you. Ignorant, Immature, and Naive. i cant wait til you die and have judgment in front of god. you will be sorry you wasted your so called live. And i dont mean die as in killed… i dont care how you die, i just wish i could be there to see the luck on your face..

    5. greg_t says:

      multi_masked, we’re evidently shooting for the high score.


    6. Cargen says:

      The ignorance of some people astonishes me, some people can be so clouded by prejudices and false truths that the actual truth is unobtainable, simply because it is asking too much for people to forget what the previously believed and to look at something with bias to see its legitimacy.

      People make assumptions about Evolution, “how did we evolve from monkeys if they are still here”

      Because we didn’t evolve from god damn monkeys, we evolved from primitive primates in which the monkeys we see today are evolved from as well.

      It truly disgust me to see people so blind to the truth. And I guess look at me the same way, but honestly i’ve give your Religion a try, and I truly did see the light. Why cant you try out “fact” and see what you can figure out. Wikipedia will show you the answers to all your questions.

    7. riverdaledragon says:

      @dieAntagonista: women are still called gay. and I bet you voted for him too. Dont even get me started on Obama. I aint worried about him til Jan. if he makes it that far.

    8. elzarcothepale says:

      please stop trying to win an argument with people who are more intelligent and better prepared than you.
      You do not present anything resembling a coherent idea, you simply rattle off catch phrases and ad campaigns.
      Let me make this clear:
      This is the overwhelming opinion of everyone here.
      This is not up for debate.
      You are entitled to an opinion, but we do not respect it or you.
      You will not get the last word.
      You should be ashamed of yourself, whether or not you understand why, or agree is irrelevant- the verdict is in.
      This is not a statement against religion.
      This is not a statement against the military.
      This is not a statement against anything or anyone except for you.
      In the words of another fictional character:
      “You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.”
      Good day, sir- now go away and finish your argument in the shower.
      If you continue to comment, so be it, but understand, you do not get the last word.

    9. greg_t says:

      Folks we have a WINNER!

      riverdaledragon wins for the most hate-filled post evar on MCS.

    10. riverdaledragon says:

      @Cargen: SO you believe what science says. but not history. Billions died for the Bible. thats something too look up in your Wiki.

    11. elzarcothepale says:

      when? when did billions die for the bible? please enlighten me, tolkienfan8827

    12. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: LOOK. Just because I am out numbered by mindless zombies doesnt make me wrong. I am proud of everything here and what i stand for. Keep all your pity and shut up. your one post means nothing.

    13. elzarcothepale says:

      @elzarcothepale: sorry, my new hobby is requesting citations on all of your claims

    14. elzarcothepale says:

      @riverdaledragon: i’ve made more than one post, you cute little guy, if you’d been paying attention, i presented a well thought out argument based on religions terms- it’s about halfway up the page, if you want to learn something.
      just try to stop getting idiot all over the place

    15. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: did you not go though basic schooling. its called history class.

    16. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: another chilish comment.. wow if i had a dollar for everytime you guys said one.. i would have enough money to pay you mindless fucks to jump off a bridge. and dodn worry nothing happens when you die. so its doesnt matter if you have lead a horrible life or not… good news for you eh?

    17. elzarcothepale says:

      “its” is possessive, if you bring schooling into it.
      But, I’m not here to grammar nazi. my point was that when you make claims like that, you have to back them up. The bible has not been the cause for a billion deaths. No war was ever fought over the bible itself, to my knowledge. The holy land, yes- religion in general, yes, but even then i doubt the numbers have reached a billion yet.
      If i am wrong, find me the statistic and prove it.

    18. nyoki says:

      Never mind me folks. Go on about your business. I just need email alerts so I don’t have to read 60 comments because I hadn’t checked in the last 15 seconds. Thanx.

    19. elzarcothepale says:

      childish intellects merit childish responses. I gave you the chance to play in the smart kid circle about halfway up the page- you passed and started tossing “fags” around, so you get the short bus treatment.

    20. awfulintentions says:

      Here’s a great simile for all you fundie nut jobs with your, “IF EVOLUTION IS REALLY AND WE EVOLVED FROM DEM DUMB MONKEIES WHY ARE THERE STILL MONKIES?”

      Simple explanation, we can use the automotive industry for this one, something easy. Now, when a new and better car comes out, does everyone buy a new and better car? No, but if it’s new and better, why doesn’t everyone buy the new and better car? Well, duh, the old one still works! There are still plenty of cars on the the road that are 10 – 20 years old, and still some that are even older than that, hell, there’s still Model T’s running around, and even the very first cars produced, so is it really all that far fetched for Monkeys and other primates, who share our common ancestors to still being around? Their viability as a species STILL EXISTS.

      Riverdaledragon, shut your dirty whore mouth. You’re fucking proof that religion is fucked and the people that believe it are fucked. You’re wishing death on people, preaching, and being a general asshat. Your holy fucking Bible says to care for your brothers and sisters, aka, the human race, and you’re being the most close minded twat lick here. You call atheists closed minded? Oh go fuck yourself with a crank shaft. I’m open minded, I think two people who love each other deserve the same rights as two other people who love each other, as love is not based on sex and gender. Love is a UNCONDITIONAL, but you religious assholes say NO, that’s a sin. I also believe in a woman’s right to choose, I bet you voted to ban abortion a few times in your life, because it’s SO OPEN MINDED TO TAKE THE RIGHTS AWAY FROM A WOMAN OVER CONTROL OF HER BODY.

    21. Dr.Devine says:

      @dieAntagonista:I apologize for the gender mix up ma’am, its hard to guess these things over the internet. And really, I just enjoy people who actually think before they write the response.
      Now on to the part where I bitch at this poor bastard.
      You insinuate gay is an insult, and yet you call me childish. You live in a warped world good sir.
      And so what if I am? What, does that make me lose points with you? lie I even care. Remember I’m your MCS enemy.

      And I became a counseling psychologist because I care more about people than you care to let yourself think. At the end of the day, if you were to compare the impact of our to occupations on the world, counseling not only does more for people, it actually does more in a positive way.
      For example. Say you are riding with a convoy, and an RPG is fired from a house, striking a vehicle and killing everyone inside. The convoy then does what? Strikes the house? How does that help anyone? You certainly haven’t changed the warped brain that shot at you, and there is ahigh chance that every person in that building will be affected negatively by you killing many of their loved ones as a result of the RPG attack. You are affected negatively, they are affected negatively, there are people dead.
      NAme one thing positive that comes from war. You can’t. There is not one truly good human milestone that came from war.

      And I apologize, but I do think that the Christians believe god spoke to moses, and That whole “THou shalt not kill” thing seems pretty airtight. So while I may be a typical atheist to you, even though I’m really not, I just don’t think god’s status of existence should matter at any rate or scale, I really don’t give a fuck about religion or god, you sir are a hypocrite. By definition of your own bible. And if i understand the good book correctly, the only people Jesus Christ ever took to angrily, to the point of “striking them”, were hypocrites. (He even treats the gentiles and even the fucking demonically possessed better than he treats hypocrites.)

      So fuck you. In the ass. With a rake.

      And “people like me” would not be dead at all if soldiers ceased to exist. In fact, we’d all be better off, because soldiers are the only people that would kill us.
      And people being killed is a bad thing last time I checked….

    22. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: sorry. for what the Bible stands for.. and i can type how the hell i want.

    23. Seraph says:

      Has he even got a coherent point anymore? I realize it was general hatred for a while, but now?

      Also, Tiki, what’s with the glut of religious ads I’m seeing lately?

    24. elzarcothepale says:

      you can prolly ignore most of mine from here on out-
      I’m about three Appletini’s away from calling him a big hunky stud muffin at the end of every comment

    25. Seraph says:

      @riverdaledragon: Sure, you can type how you like, but your point (when there was one) might get across if you used halfway decent English. You’d also appear as though you had a modicum of sense.

    26. elzarcothepale says:

      of course you can, widdle guy! and we’re all just so impressed! Do you want a cookie!?

    27. Dr.Devine says:

      I’m going out for a drink. Be back around nine tomorrow morning.
      Oh, and fuck you riverdaledragon. In case I dont say it before tommorrow comes.
      Another fuck you for the road.

      And for everyone else, It’s been a pleasure. We’re at about 120 comments?

    28. riverdaledragon says:

      @Dr.Devine: i dont give a shit of your a counseling psychologist. and i didnt say killing was good. I defend people like you. People that are never going to stand up for something in their life bigger than you. War is not good. but its a thing that will always happen. and if you want to live somewhere were there isnt soldiers go to… oh wait every country has them. they need them So you have to get over it. USA soldiers are good people (for the most part) and care about helping people. People who attack and kill for no reasons.. thats called a terrorist.. thats why we are fighting…9/11..did you forget already.

    29. Namelis1 says:

      DAMN IT.
      NO. NOOO.
      I missed such an epic religion thread. And im atheist troll #1! :/
      Curse the European time zones.

      @riverdaledragon: because atheists grew out of Santa Claus a long time ago.

      Here’s a thought experiment for the religious folk. Go about your day, but replace the word “God” with “Santa Claus”. As in:

      He knows if you’ve been good or naughty.
      He knows what gift you want to get.
      He can deliver presents to all the kids in the world in 24 hours.
      He can save you from damnation in hell!

    30. elzarcothepale says:

      dude, don’t bother- it’s like sandblasting a soupcracker. I’ve met more formidable opponents in my kitten’s litterbox

    31. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: wow still childish.. I am ignoring your mindless comments bc thats all they are.. pointless and name calling.

    32. riverdaledragon says:

      @Namelis1: same to you.

    33. dieAntagonista says:

      @riverdaledragon: “It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”

      Over 1 million Iraqis died. Innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11. So what was your point again?
      I bet you voted for Bush. Twice.

    34. elzarcothepale says:

      Excuse me SIR! My comments are pointED and name calling, thankyouverymuch.
      Seriously we’ve come to this because you’ve ceased to be someone we take seriously. You’re a joke, and I mean that in the sincerest way- the only way to get anymore use out of you is by batting you around like a tether ball till you give up and stop commenting.
      If only you’d read the original letter i wrote to you, (signed all personal-like and everything) you’d understand that you could have bowed out gracefully.
      The phenomenon of people on the internet being childish towards you doesn’t reflect poorly yon them but on you. We have the ability to behave and discuss intelligently, but why waste the energy on someone not worth it? So, we drop to your level and play around, like a cat with a mouse, waiting for you to just give up and die.

    35. greg_t says:

      But, but..

      If I believe in Jesus and the Christian god but then I kill people that don’t, that makes it all ok.


      Oops, never mind.

    36. dieAntagonista says:

      Yeah and also, what’s with ‘women are still called gay’ – huh? Last time I checked being gay wasn’t a gender. You must be either drunk, on drugs, or out of your fricken mind.

    37. riverdaledragon says:

      @dieAntagonista: wrong bitch.. i didnt vote. i didnt like either one.

    38. riverdaledragon says:

      @dieAntagonista: no sorry the only one that is drunk is the webmaster on this site. I dont do drugs so STFU.

    39. elzarcothepale says:

      my dear, i find once AGAIN i have to explain idiocy to you.
      you see, he was trying to say that calling a lesbian “gay” is still a valid descriptor of the lifestyle choice. While I may agree that it is certainly a part of the vernacular, I believe that homosexual is the genderless term, whereas gay applies to men and lesbosauce applies to femmes.

    40. elzarcothepale says:

      feel free to request translation at any time- I’m from the internet ma’am- i speak his retarded language.

    41. riverdaledragon says:

      Attention to all dumbasses aka Atheist. I have been fucking with you guys this whole time. I could care less about your pointless accusations. I am a very laid back Christian and I hae been having fun with you guys.. and bitches… all night. wow you guys are so much fun… YAY FOR EPIC THREAD. LOLZ

    42. elzarcothepale says:

      so, you’re giving up and going to bed?

    43. elzarcothepale says:

      @elzarcothepale: by the way, you may have trolled your stance on the topic, perhaps, but that doesn’t make up for the massive levels of stupid you seem steeped in.
      My advice? Read more books, finish school, and don’t ever breed.

    44. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: No i am getting off the computer and having sex with my fiance and going gambling afterward. Viva Las Vegas. I love it here. and fuck everyone that has wasted thier time on this. It wouldnt be possible lolz.

    45. greg_t says:

      Obviously, since herr dragon professes to not be drunk, nor do drugs, than we must assume that the only other option is…

      …that it is out of it’s fricken mind.

      However, I must agree with it on one point.

      Epic threads FTW.


    46. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: No i am getting off the computer and having sex with my fiance and going gambling afterward. Viva Las Vegas. I love it here. and fuck everyone that has wasted their time on this. It wouldnt be possible lolz.

    47. riverdaledragon says:

      @greg_t: dude if you live here for too long you dont have a heart or brain.. lol thanks

    48. elzarcothepale says:

      @riverdaledragon: i’m serious about the not breeding thing. gamble all you want, you moron, but no spawning.

    49. riverdaledragon says:

      who is the moron? the moron.. or the moron that argues and wastes time with the moron.. lol ha you are one of us ass. should this me Digg worthy. lol

    50. dieAntagonista says:

      @elzarcothepale: Haha ow. I see, still pretty silly of him. I’m straight though I guess only gay people can defend gay people. At least in his insignificant little world.

      @riverdaledragon: Now you’re just being absurd. Nobody here has wasted any more time than you did. Duh.

    51. SumoSnipe says:

      Wow Tiki. A picture of a fungumonicon leads to all this?
      Hey Twee, sounds like you’ve been to a few of my parties.
      Elzarcothepale: there are other Halls to go to….Just that Odins’ Hall is the most preferred destination.
      Billy? Running out of freon here,buddy. Don’t know how much longer can keep sending you the cool.
      Riverdaledragon? please stop. You are reminding me way too much of some holy joes on my ship that tried to make my life miserable. When their words could not convert me, they tried using fists. And they failed.

    52. elzarcothepale says:

      wow. you need an emergency education.
      Is your fiance as dumb as you? I’m seriously anxious about the prospect of you pissing in the gene pool.

    53. riverdaledragon says:

      @SumoSnipe: wow I am sorry Mr. Hardass. i will obey… jackass.. lol@dieAntagonista: yes, but all bc of me. so I didnt wast any. lol

    54. FlyingMantisShrimp says:

      Keep going, guys and girls. I have a feeling we’re going to break some serious ground in this one.

      Dare I say this might be the one Internet debate to put an end, once and for all, to the graet debate of whether or not God exists?

    55. elzarcothepale says:

      oh, he’s gay himself. Classic signs of self referential homophobia have been displayed throughout. It’s probably due to repressed sexual abuse memories from his father or uncle. The phobia, not “the gay.” Lord knows you only catch that from Pink Anthrax.

    56. elzarcothepale says:

      dude, I AM god, and i totally deny all allegations of existence.

    57. dieAntagonista says:

      I think the really interesting question is, whether or not any braincell exists, in rivergaydragon’s head.

      @rivergaydragon: Hey, at the end of the day, we made tiki’s website a little more popular. If it’s because of you, or a pile of shit in Uganda – really doesn’t matter.

    58. greg_t says:


      Only if Tiki throws in some tits, ass, pecs, abs, and good old fashioned Kama Sutra.

      Then we’ll be well on our way to an epic God debate.

    59. elzarcothepale says:

      you guys, is that what you’ve all been worrying about? I can prove God exists in two words, no sweat! Here goes:


      I’ll take my doctorate of philosophy now. . .

    60. riverdaledragon says:

      @dieAntagonista: and i quote. really mature.. lol…. anyways dumbfuck. I am glad at helping any drunk off the road. and if i got to start some epic god thread on his website. why not. its a good time waster. and wtf Uganda.. i would have said U.K…. cuz there is alot of shit there. lol

    61. riverdaledragon says:

      this thread is almost as awesome as the center of a warm cinnamon roll. and dont tell me you dont like those you atheist bastards. lol

    62. AgZed says:

      Was today like, International Troll Day or something? Did I miss a memo? Or did I just run into a lot of troll threads purely by chance on my daily meanderings through the interwebs? I did notice an odd pattern in most of them though. The “troll” will post a baiting comment, then a more inflammatory response, and then continue to become more hostile, ignorant, and generally stupid before suddenly declaring, “Haha! I’m a troll! I was just messing with you all! Haha! You’re all so dumb because you fell for it! Now I’m going to go do adult things like sex/drugs/gambling which I bet none of you have actually done because I’m assuming you’re all frustrated adolescents like me! But you’re all dumb!”

      My niece does something similar, when she tells you her teachers taught her something that’s wrong. After you’ve argued with her for a while (and she’ll argue quite convincingly) she’ll suddenly go, “Aha! I’m messing, I knew that all along.” But of course you know she didn’t, and that’s just her little cop out so you let her have it. She’s six, by the way.

      And still more coherent than herr dragon. If they’re letting people like him into the military, no wonder America is getting their ass handed to them in Iraq.

      Aha! Just messing, I don’t really think that. Or do I?

    63. riverdaledragon says:

      and another things.. god exist b/c when a woman has a orgasm.. she says oh god.. not OH SCIENCE OR EVOLUTIONS. LOL just thought i might say that…

    64. elzarcothepale says:

      so. . . did you already fuck the slattern in *cough* white or are you stalling to talk to us a little longer? If you’re scared of sex with a girl, don’t worry- it’s just like the stuff daddy showed you how to do, only it won’t make your mommy cry as much.

    65. AgZed says:

      @AgZed: I most certainly do not.

    66. AgZed says:

      @AgZed: Unless I’m really lying.

    67. AgZed says:

      @AgZed: But I’m not.

    68. elzarcothepale says:

      hey. . .wait a minute! This guy’s nothing but a big fat PHONY!

    69. dieAntagonista says:

      @AgZed: Gold.

    70. riverdaledragon says:

      @AgZed: we aint getting our asses handed to us in Iraq. WTF kinda shit you reading.and why are you calling me herr.. and i never said i was a “troll” I am a Baptist Christian and could kick your pansy ass anyday.

    71. AgZed says:

      @AgZed: Or am I?

      Shit Tiki, we need like a post timer or something, this is just too much fun, and I’m supposed to be going to bed early so I can go write a midterm half an hour before class. Because I can, apparently. Says who? Fucked if I know.

    72. greg_t says:

      lulz, AgZed. It’s been International Troll Decade.

      And elzarcothepale, how could I forget Bacon Salt.

      And JD.

      The Elixer of the Gods.

    73. AgZed says:

      @AgZed: Dude, seriously, WTF? Go to bed now!

    74. The eagle below’s expression just gets funnier and funnier with this spree of sodom and gomorrah proportions above it going on. All from a fungus-encrusted bible – what the fuck, gunface’s mom might just start sulking and not come out for the show at that countrate.


    75. AgZed says:

      @riverdaledragon: Ahaha! Look everybody I trolled the troll! Haha! He’s so dumb! Now I’m off to have sex with his woman, drink all his booze and gamble all his money! Haha! He’s so dumb and I’m a real grown-up!

    76. elzarcothepale says:

      you see, kiddo, a “troll” is someone who says mean stuff to make people mad and then says “just kidding!” so that the other people feel dumb for falling for the joke, like what you did.
      except your lie wasn’t the thing we were really making fun of you for- it was your lack of intelligence. (that means smarts)

    77. elzarcothepale says:

      good night, sweet prince

    78. riverdaledragon says:

      OK I GOT MY USEFULNESS OF THIS THREAD. AND I AM DONE WITH YOU LOW LIFES. HAVE FUN LOOKING UP INTERNET QUOTES AND USING MY NAME. MARRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO ALL YOU BITCHES. ooh and to all you little atheist bastard… Happy Holiday.. and why is it called holiday.. your not celebrating shit.. its all about Christians you dumbfucks.

    79. elzarcothepale says:

      enjoy your prostitute!

    80. elzarcothepale says:

      200 get?

    81. dieAntagonista says:


    82. elzarcothepale says:

      this thread is now about reaching 200 comments.
      any thoughts?

    83. dieAntagonista says:

      It appears to be epic.
      Epic it shall remain.
      The non-epic shall die.

    84. dieAntagonista says:

      Wow I seriously fucked with this page now didn’t I.
      I’d say I’m sorry but I hate to lie.

    85. greg_t says:

      Well gosh darn it all.

      The Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Theosophists, Scientologists etc. didn’t even have a chance to come to the party.


    86. elzarcothepale says:

      that was an incredibly cryptic reply, but i think
      dead thread is now dead.
      It is one thirty am in kansas, and all the drunk jakes are now bound for bed.
      I’ll toast some epic bread in the morning.

    87. riverdaledragon says:

      once last note.. the ads on this site are also anti religion. .. just saying. figured i could stay around until 200 post.. least i could do

    88. Billy Manic says:

      Top Stuff

      Congrats, you’ve topped the list.
      You should be ashamed of yourselves.
      Oh, and I’m totally awesome.

    89. riverdaledragon says:

      @elzarcothepale: wow your an epic kinda guy huh.. all i eat is regular bread…

    90. bajizzle says:

      Wow. Riverdaledragon has to be one of the most retarded, uneducated people I’ve ever seen post on here.
      I’m especially enjoying the part where he lost the argument and decided to try and act superior and ‘pity’ all of the people on here with a functioning brain and healthy set of values and morals. Many lols.
      Riverdaledragon is just one of those people that are so uneducated and ignorant that climbing out of their stinking pit of stupid is not even possible, and they can’t even comprehend how insanely moronic they are. Which makes them the worst kind of people to try and debate with. You’re trying to talk rationally and logically to a brick wall that just screams “HEATHEN FAG!!!!!” at you repeatedly. Don’t even bother.
      Like Dr Devine said, lets just hope he doesn’t breed or spread this particular brand of idiotic to anybody else. I feel sorry for his fiance, and I think it would be better for the world if he just jumped off a cliff.
      BTW, not an atheist, so you can’t use that argument against me (if riverdaledragon decides that he still wants to try and get the last word in)

    91. nyoki says:

      @riverdaledragon: What kind of dweeb hangs around for the 200th comment, rather than have sex? Unless you’re done? Did you finish up already?

    92. elzarcothepale says:

      sex with your fiance? did she even notice?
      or did she leave? or did she even exist in the first place?

      “Are you sure it was a book? Are you sure it wasn’t nothing?”

    93. riverdaledragon says:

      @bajizzle: your welcome. i do it for the LOLZ

    94. elzarcothepale says:

      you just lost

    95. riverdaledragon says:

      @nyokki: she has to go to the hospital. her brother was in some kinda accident. @elzarcothepale: STFU.your still fighting about nothing.

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