Emperor Of mankind Approves This Thread

Emperor Of mankind Approves This Thread

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    Super robotic Jesus warrior ghost? Probably not, but he sure has the right haircut.


    Yeah? Well Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters and Daemon Prince of Khorne, thinks the Emperor of Mankind is a proper boob.


    Yeah? Well Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves and namesake of the battle tank, believes that Angron is a tainted jerkwad who is full of himself.


    ..and me thinks you two should duke it out over a battle of Dungeons and Dragons…


    Am I getting picked on by someone who links to allgeeks.net and hangs out on an image post site all day?

    I don’t know how to have a battle of Dungeons and Dragons, but I’ll put 2000 points of World Eaters against 2000 points of Sarcastic’s Space Wolves any day.


    mintymadness: N00b, its Warhammer 40k, lulz.


    wtf, as a joke I put “sarcasm” in html tags in the previous post, yet instead of printing them cause there is no sarcasm tag, it hid them as if it knows what it is.


    suicydking: If you actually go to that site – nothing geeky there.

    hvymetal86: Magic.

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