X-Men – Messiah Complex Flyer

X-Men - Messiah Complex Flyer

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    No one else going to comment on this?


    It’s a decent read, and except for Young X-men threw a number of the books onto better paths.


    I am a huge fan of the majority of the the Marvel Ultimate series, it feels more relevant and grounded in reality than most comic books out there. It got me back into comics for the first time in eight years. I recommend it for both the skeptical and die-hards out there.


    The above comments are useless.

    Storm’s boobs look epic in this picture.


    @FlyingMantisShrimp: Yeah, luckily the suit was designed so it would form perfectly under her breasts rather than smashing them flat. In a skin tight outfight, too. I’m impressed.

    Now if they could only give Storm her personality back…


    People still read comics? You nerds!


    Storm is indeed sporting an epic physique… And i have always wondered about what kind of material these super heroines use so that it looks like it’s just painted on their bodies, as opposed to what it would look like if they were actually wearing a suit…