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    27 Responses ttto Wrath of the Lich King – is now out!

    1. dieAntagonista says:

      I heard about this just yesterday. It looks pretty damn epic.

    2. Svartmetall says:

      World of Grindcraft – now with extra Grind!

    3. Camiam321 says:

      Why does this dude look so much like Sauron?

    4. Drunkin says:

      I’m sure blizz will have a lawsuit on their hands due to the amount of children skipping school to play this game so they can get their achievements.

    5. aarpie says:

      He’s always looked like Sauron, even before there was a Sauron… which means, that, in fact, Sauron looks like him.

      Go play WC3 and tell me it’s not that same guy 😛 (/w Frozen Throne Expansion)

    6. Tyger42 says:

      @aarpie: Before there was a movie Sauron, at least. Warcraft isn’t old enough for him to have looked like Sauron before there was a Sauron. :p

    7. mintymadness says:

      World of Warcrack = LAMEGHEY.

      You all lose.

    8. Sticky says:

      liek OMG i gotsta go owt n git this rite now d00d!!

      No. Fail.

    9. dieAntagonista says:

      No u. I don’t even play world of warcraft.

    10. wartoaster says:

      I lost two good friends and a cousin to WoW. They used to be such good people, too. I remember going to the park with my cousin and we’d play fetch with his dog, and now all he does is sit in the basement calling up every now and then for my aunt to bring more cheetos or the bedpan… now that Lich king is out, my rommate is thinking of getting it, despite my protests. What has the world come to?

    11. owskie says:

      i really dont see how people get so addicted to it, i play it myself and i never let this game come before friends. Its a great game but not a life taker for me

    12. Oh, hey.
      I guess Everquest IV is out.

      Good thing I kicked the habit.

    13. Namelis1 says:

      Wow has a bad reputation to be frank. In my life it just completely replaced watching TV. WoW is a way more social activity than TV. And in any case, you don’t need wow to be a douche and ignore your friends and family.
      Still, I will admit that it is a deadly time sink. Good if you have lots of time to sink tho.

      On an unrelated note, I am waiting eagerly for the expansion to get delivered by mail to me. Every morning its like Christmas – you run downstairs to the postbox and you find no presents there. Bloody annoying.

    14. aarpie says:

      @Tyger42: you make a valid point lol. He looked like Sauron before there was a MOVIE Sauron, how bout that 😀

    15. Tyger42 says:

      @wartoaster: Oooh, you can make references to an episode of Southpark. You’re so clever….
      Anyway, I ditched WoW after their zombie plague event. Allowing other players to force me into PvP on PvE servers is annoying. Being mocked by the CMs on the forums for having the nerve to say I don’t like it is inexcusable.

    16. dieAntagonista says:

      What’s up with making fun of people who play WoW. I mean, when was the last time a chronic WoW player kid beat you up.
      Society faces greater threats, like Chris Crocker and the Mormons.

    17. MonkeyHitman says:

      @wartoaster: ever thought of infecting pc with virus ?

    18. Camiam321 says:

      But wasn’t the movie version of Sauron based on Alan Lee’s (and others?) illustrations of Sauron from the books… that is to say, those illustrations were around in the 60s or 70s (not sure) and became the classic look of LOTR that all the people who read to books came to know, which is why Peter Jackson hired the famous illustrators to design the look of the movies.

      So the question has changed… was there a version of Sauron in the books that inspired the look of the movie… and also the Lich King?

    19. Tyger42 says:

      I can’t seem to find any of his illustrations of Sauron, but I don’t think so. I do know that his physical appearance was never described in the books. In fact, he was never actually “seen” by the reader in the books.

    20. elzarcothepale says:

      no offense, but people really need to stop complaining, or really even noticing, when stuff rips off LOTR. It’s like the bible for fantasy character and plot devices. I’d say that the only person with more influence over this type of universe is Gygax, rip, and even he built off of LOTR.
      What actually bugs me MORE is when books try to take elves, orcs, and dragons and whatnot and try to reinvent them. Tolkien’s portrayal is so perfect and well rounded that people have to delve into new depths of suck to come up with originality. That unforgivable Eragon ****** is the worst example I can think of. . .
      (i’m not self editing- i simply couldn’t come up with a description that both encompassed my revulsion and did NOT take eight paragraphs to spit out.)
      Some people managed a decent fresh approach, like Blizzard’s treatment of Orcs, and Anne McCaffery’s ‘Pern’ novels do a cool job with dragons.

    21. dieAntagonista says:

      @elzarcothepale: Are you talking about Eragon the movie or the book? I’ve read Eragon after I read LotR. And honestly, I didn’t think Paolini ripped any thing off.
      But yea I’ve read only the first book of Eragon, because the hype over the movie was just ugly and ruined it all for me.

    22. TunaTank says:

      Agreed. WoW’s just social… everyone who isnt addicted to it cause they can get gear if they play 16 hours a day understands its just a glorified chat GUI.

      Jesus… i havent read PERN in a long time…

    23. Luke Magnifico says:

      How long has this been in the making for?

    24. nyoki says:

      My youngest was out the door last night at 11.30 to pick up his reserved copy at midnight from Game Stop.

    25. nyoki says:

      LOL, I just realized what WOTLK on the house calender means.

    26. Dreth says:

      I present you, the most idiotic chat with an extended GUI!

    27. MonkeyHitman says:

      @nyokki: may whoever helps you help you and good luck tryna unglue your little one off WoW

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