Rachel Bilson – white shirt 3

Rachel Bilson - white shirt 3

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    Out of all three I like this one best.
    Also, I’m gonna check if the pictures are still on my phone, when I get home, etc.


    One of the few oms on MCS lately that I’d wanna nom. Regardless of who’s been there first.


    Side boob.


    lol. The other girl on OC left the show because everyone wanted Rachel more. Awesome.


    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why even I’m posting this, but: I fucked her. It was almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting a friend who goes to law school at UCLA. We went out to a salsa club (which is one of the few non-nerdy I do well). After dancing a bit, she told me her name and there was a pause, like I should be impressed, and she said, “you know, from the OC?”. And was I was like, “Yeah, I’m from Seattle.” and she laughed. So ended up going back… Read more »