OMFG STFC kthxbye

OMFG STFC kthxbye


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    Catherine Longfellow

    well.. laffed. But it needs more Lions.


    Ok, this was funny.




    Had a good laugh at this. Albeit I’m slow so it took me a minute to get that STFC Is Stop The Fucking Car.


    sounds like my wife, L2T2!


    etiii: Ditto. And the problem is she won’t even drive anymore. Before we got married, she had zero problems with my driving, but now 8 years later she goes on about my last minute breaking (interesting that I’ve already had my foot on the brake before she screams at me…) and stuff. Yes, I’m now a whopping 50 years old, and yes, my reaction times aren’t what they used to be, but my God woman, I don’t think YOUR senses are what they used to be either!


    bytehead: I have a difficult time being in the passenger seat. I’m never sure if he sees what I see. It messes up my perception. The only time I have a problem w/ hubby’s driving is on the rain. I hate tailgating when the roads are wet.


    my husband doesn’t like driving… so i drive. and he doesn’t ever freak out. so there. =P


    vutterfly: I drive most of the time too, mostly because I get motion sickness in the passenger seat. But when we take trips back up to NYC, we have to split the driving. Last time, we rented a car, because #1 son was w/ us and I only have a small pick-up truck, and I thought, “Great we can split the driving 3 way”, but they wouldn’t allow him to drive because he’s 23 and they require you to be at least 25.

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