Dubai Taking Shape

Dubai Taking Shape

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    Abdul Alhazred isn’t the only mad arab…


    Whoa, beautiful.

    bright green

    Insane in a bad way.


    The part on the right reminds me of COBRA.


    Wonder what this place is going to be like in 50 years when they no longer have any oil to sell.

    At least Norway is investing it (and thankfully not in the U.S. stock market =P).


    bright green: How so? I’m not contradicting you I just don’t know very much about Dubai other than that they’re making some crazy tall towers over there really fast. Probably because they’ve come into some money recently somehow. And at a guess I’d say it’s that somehow that people have a problem with.

    I could google it myself but it’s your claim so I’m curious what you meant.

    Also the world islands are so tacky it’s physically painful.


    Ah, oil. Makes sense.


    They know the oil is running low… that WHY they built it… tourism! the new oil


    Paul_Is_Drunk: This is exactly why they are building up these great artificial islands while the money lasts, they wanna have a powerful tourism industry by the time they run out of oil.

    Though as James May pointed out “Its back to selling carpets for you!”


    I saw a television special on this years ago. The environmental impact is huge. Displacing sand and basically distroying the natural ecosystem.


    Props to all the architects who did the designing.


    Ah, this is what you can do with practical slave labor.

    ‘Bout pretty damn close. The people who build this shit are paid peanuts and work like dogs in poor conditions. Looks pretty, but it’s not.


    Welcome to the history of civilization on planet earth, past present and future except for in a few extremely rich modern countries where construction workers make anything.

    The construction workers here in China are shipped out from the middle of nowhere small towns, live about fifty to a small tent (or portable sometimes), work fifteen hour shifts, and make less than the cost of lunch in this city, but apparently it goes really far in the their small towns, when they go back.

    But hey that’s how cities have always been build except in a few recent and rare cases.


    flood123: What ecosystem? It’s just big piles of sand. 🙂


    If they want a good tourism industry, perhaps they should quit throwing people in prison indefinatly for things like anti-jetlag medicines, etc.


    The architects somehow missed the fact that if you build out like that, you change the way the water behaves. In this case the water is moving much much slower and becomes stagnant at times. All those people that bought their own personal beach land can’t use it a lot of the time.


    Fuck the oil. I wonder what they’re gonna do in 20 years when they run out of water.


    I wonder what we’re ALL gonna do when The Office goes off the air.


    Wow. I looked at this for a bit and thought it was a drawing you’d find on an ancient clay pot or something. It was over a minute before I realised it was a satellite photo.

    I suspect many of the more … disparaging comments about the construction going on here are founded at least partly on jealousy. That said, it takes one to know one. Here in Wellington, NZ, the tallest buildings are only about 30 storeys – any higher would be a huge earthquake risk, as Wellington’s built on about a million billion faultlines, but kilometre-high towers would at least be cool to look at as they catastrophically plunge towards the ground.


    Those things were only in the planning stage when I went through there in 95. But thanks to the locals and the ..not police/religious police? There is no way in hell I’m ever going back there.


    Check Google Maps sattelite view, it’s now quite there yet, a lot of it’s done, but this, I’m pretty sure, is an artists rendition of what ti will look like completed.


    So… what will the rising sea level do to these works of architecture?


    tiny: Hahah, good point.

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