Arnold at Golds Gym 1974

Arnold at Golds Gym 1974

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    /me lives in California.


    Hey Arnie, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just- ah wait, of course it’s a banana. Years of steroid use have left you with genitals the size of a withered grape.


    That’s a little extreme but I wouldn’t mind my upper body being a little toned


    It’s hard for me to believe he was Austrian. Every Austrian I know is funny, fun loving, and extremely hard drinking. They are hard not to like.


    @ack: Actually he *is* Austrian. And in fact, Arnold is very funny, and drinks a lot.
    But where exactly are those many funny, fun loving Austrians you’re talking about? I don’t know about you, but the majority of Austrians is very hard to like.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You know those were movies right?

    Arnold the actor is hilarity.


    Fuck this guy. I voted for him when we recalled Grey Davis for letting taxes & spending get out of control. I was paying like $500 to register my damn car b/c of that ass (now it’s only like $250). Now Ahnold is pushing for raising all sorts of taxes because he’s more interested in pleasing his fucking homo-lover fellow politicians in Sacramento than his constituents. Even wants to raise the car registration fee again, the same fucking tax we recalled the last governor for raising…not to mention raising sales tax & taxing services & all sorts of other shit… Read more »


    I can see his weenus.

    : He looks fairly respectable in this pic, size-wise. It’d be interesting to see a before-after comparison though. Considering how steroid abuse is supposed to shrivel your junk, he’s probably an innie by now.


    I don’t think the steroids had a deleterious effect


    I spent most of my time in Austria in the south and the west. The farm village / Süd Tirol Austrians are hilarious. Almost as fun as Bavarians.

    I can’t speak for Wien. Only been there once. It was full of Hungarians, Slovakians, and other Easterners – not saying this is bad, bud hanging with tourists doesn’t give me much of an opinion of Wien.

    However, neither Austrians or Bavarians strike me as the body builder or actor / actress types.


    California-lot’s of social programs=A lot of taxes to pay for those social programs


    Also a lot of wildfires = a lot of taxes to put out those wildfires