Wall-E Wallpapers

ok i was here, and then i was dok, so I was on here, and i was like, oh shit, I’m drunk and here’s some wallpaper:  there are of a robot in space!

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    The logic of the tiki. Somebody please write a book about it.
    And I haven’t seen this movie, I refuse to watch it. Though these wallpapers look pretty neat.

    tiki god

    it was very neet i went to see it alone because i’
    mlonely and haveno gf or friends and i live alone but ui try to fill the whole in my hearet with animals i haved two dogs and two cats and a big fish tank and fish in it, nd i have axylotles lol

    brb i need to fix mcs code!!!

    Luke Magnifico

    Tiki, you are a very funny man.

    Now give me 5 dollars.


    Wall-E was awesome.


    tiki god: But you’s a legend on teh internets!!1

    “When a man isn’t afraid of solitude or death, that’s how you know he’s truly unbeatable.”


    Drunk people are a hoot. lol

    Wall-E comes out on DVD Nov 18th.


    dude, why the refusal?
    because of all the pimping they did to market it?
    it got on my nerves too, but i can’t imagine having avoided that film- i must have watched it in the theatre at least three times. For free, of course-
    i sneak into films whenever possible and spend the money on the snacks in order to support the location.

    tiki god

    The internest dont get me laid.

    not anymore at least, I’ve lost my game, and now so have you

    Luke Magnifico

    Poor dieAntagonista. Because of all his pretend conquests, he’ll never see the most BAWWWsome robot in existence.


    @...tiki god: Time to change the game. If you make it your own, how can you lose. And I’m pretty sure confidence gets anybody laid. If monkeys worshiping you on the Internets doesn’t do the job, I got nothing for you. @...elzarcothepale: Ah how many wall-e movies are out there? Yeah and the pimping is annoying as hell too. As long as there are countless, independent and original movies out there, I’m not gonna waste my time with stuff like this. Well not until at least the hype is over. Props for sneaking into films though.I tried it only once… Read more »


    LukeV1-5: You mean she.
    Pretend conquests? I’m an apathetic student and insomniac. I value books more than humans, thank you very much.

    Luke Magnifico

    What are your books without writers? What is your science without scientists?

    You may want to disregard humanity, but you can’t. You need them.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why do you refuse to watch this movie?


    dieAntagonista: I’m pretty sure Tiki’s messing with us here. He does that. A lot. Or at least he used to when more of the posts were from him.

    This movie is also my favorite to watch with my girl. I still can’t believe how much this film grew on me, given that “Disney-esque” movies don’t tend to be my thing.


    A book can be perfect, but the author? Not very likely.
    Nobody I have ever met, has ever experienced as much as the dead people’s books I read.
    I know that sounds arrogant and foolish, but it works for me. I’m young though, there’s still enough time to waste with other fools like me.

    Haha, that’s just what I do. I don’t care if it’s original, all they want is money anyway. The movies made by independent filmmakers usually deserve more attention.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: Yeah most people who know how to appreciate alcohol like to exaggerate haha. But I do believe him when he says that the internets don’t get him laid.


    Fuck this Pixar p.o.s., Short Circuit I & II FTW!



    Those are good movies, but so is this.


    But if enough people who have respectable taste say its good, will you watch/read/whatever “item”?


    RSIxidor: I do, from time to time. But I feel cheap afterwards.

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