Super Joint

Super Joint

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    What the hell is it with the europeans and mixing tobacco in with their smoke? I mean yeah it burns the buds a bit smoother but it tastes like total ass when you grandfather ir. And forget hitting it out of a bowl or bong, you might as well huff mustard gas.


    Also i know americans do it too, but from what i have seen we only do it when we are running low on our stash. All of my euro friends looked at me like i was insane when ever i rolled a pure bud joint.


    Different strokes, thelotuseater725.


    Cause first of all we never get our stash in a format where its even possible to roll without tobacco. Most of its compressed and much stronger than the crap you are smoking.


    If you roll with cigarettes it is bound to taste foul, thats why I roll with rolling tabacco and its smoother. Before there was plenty of green about we had to put up with block. Try smoking that straight.


    Also known as an “L-Build.”

    Brevity Truta

    Danny: The joint I am about to roll requires a craftsman and can utilise up to twelve skins. It is called a Camberwell carrot.
    Marwood: It’s impossible to use twelve papers on one joint.
    Danny: It is impossible to roll a Camberwell carrot with anything less.
    Withnail: Who says it’s a Camberwell carrot?
    Danny: I do. I invented it in Camberwell and it looks like a carrot. This will tend to make you very high.

    So, that’s a Camberwell Baby Carrot



    They all taste like ass, regardless.






    Cartoon joints look so tasty


    What casemods said. Different strokes.

    Europeans thinking we’re crazy for not using tobacco is just like us thinking they’re crazy for using it. I do both. Being that I am American I prefer without, but it’s not bad with. zipfer is right, too. Outside of Holland or Switzerland it’s hard to find anything that’s not hashish.


    In the UK, that’s called an ‘L’, (or a ‘King L’ if you’re rolling with king skins). The reason we roll with tobacco here is mainly because a lot of the shit we get isn’t dried out well and it won’t burn by itself, or it’s solid which you definitely wouldn’t want to smoke pure.

    Hive Mind

    Actually I tend to use more clove tobacco (its tasty and burns awesomely) on the stick-icky than the dried out compressed schwag shit. Needs the extra dry stuff to burn better. Also it stretches out the stash, and the little nicotine high is great ontop of the pot.

    Special Kail

    This here looks like a big waste. Smoking paper is nasty enough as is without adding a bunch of extra paper for the end there. Just roll a blunt. And zipfer, don’t be a pot snob. Everyone’s smoked good and shitty weed so don’t get all holier than thou and start an international event over your “superior” weed. And CWM, he was talking about mixing tobacco w/ weed, not block. if you’re smokin hash then you’re wasting it by putting into a joint at all. You gotta lightbulb that shit, son. And Hive Mind, that’s why you smoke a cig… Read more »



    Contrary to popular belief a surprising amount of americans get really good weed. The emerald Triangle in california is responsible for some of the best pot in the world(and many people in this forum will attest to this). Plus most of the stuff i get is either from Canada or California. If it isn’t i buy from friends who grow. Oh and we don’t brick our headies out here.


    @Special Kail: Normally when rolling an L, it’s good to fold over the top-right corner and tear it off so that you don’t have so much paper in it to ruin the flavour. A well-rolled King L shouldn’t taste any different to a normal joint 🙂

    Special Kail

    @Jimmed: yeah, but like i said, smoking paper anyways is gross. I stick with blunts or bowls like 98% of the time. I dunno, I’ve just always had an aversion to smoking paper j’s… No matter what the weed/paper ratio is. Unless i’m rolling a tulip/rose/flower or whatever you wanna call it, and it’s rare that I actually take the time to roll one of those monstrosities.


    Smoking Brand papers, Hempire, And any cellulose papers tend to have the least taste.


    @thelotuseater725: Ohhh, it’s all about the Smoking papers. I just ran out of King Smoking Eco ones. And out of weed 🙁

    Alec Dalek

    Bong, High-End Vapourizer, or nothing! Bong is best, but vapourizer is healthier. We like be healthy here in Canada, eh.

    Hive Mind

    bah just get rolls of paper then you have a straight piece of rectangular paper however long you want without all this L bullshit and extra paper for the same surface are of joint.


    @Jimmed: In SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA -weed smokes you! LOL!
    I can never run out!IMPOSIBLE! HAHAHA suckers!
    The thing on the end is called a snail- yep. i surprise kids at LA parties all the time with them-their like “want the roach?” no- its paper stup!.


    For some reason joints in America suck. The weed can be quite strong in the UK. best thing to do is mix it with rolling tobacco, if you do it at a 70% skunk and 30% tobacco. The rolling baccy has a higher burning point and burns slower. means you get more out of your weed. And A good joint should last for about 10 minutes or so.


    @Vipershot: I’ve always done the same thing but with about a 50-50 mix of tobacco and skunk, usually because the weed I get isn’t always dry enough for that kind of ratio, and I can’t be arsed with re-lighting it every 10 seconds. But yeah, weed in the UK can be good, although I’ve bought some absolutely awful stuff in the past… My current draw is saying good things right now ^^