Stripped Puppies

Stripped Puppies

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    Yuck. They’re disgusting. Kill them.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You sir are INCORRECT!


    What are they though? Hyenas?


    I do agree that they are not wearing any clothes.


    Cute furry puppies, definitely not stripped. They are, however, striped, and they don’t seem to enjoy it.


    Definitely teh cute.


    eewww….no thanks

    i prefer truebred puppies.


    @The-Penetrator: and quite thusly, you prefer incest, incredibly debilitating genetic disorders and people breading two different breads together to create another ‘true bred’ puppy. Your logic is flawed sir. There are no real true breads. The above animals are in and of themselves, true breads, because they are the purest form of whatever cross they may be, thus making the true breads of whatever the fuck they are.


    those puppies are unbelievable cute

    and they’ll look like tigers when they grow up (dog tigers?)

    and i agree with tardex


    Hyena.. cute till they mature… and then eat your face


    : bawwwwwww :'(((



    @Tardex: True bread puppies would however, make for a good sandwich.


    Puppies are cute at a distance and gross when when they’re older, slobbering and stinky.

    I prefer truebred humans. lol. Animal breeders of any sort are a queer lot, by nature.


    @Altar-Ego: I dunno, I tried dog meat in China once and it tasted worse than rat. But I was told the amount of adrenaline in the animals system vastly changes the flavor. *shrug*

    @Elepski: Hyena’s are born with an abundance of testosterone and would probably try to eat your face right out of the birth canal (which is also the mama’s clitoris and is bigger than a male’s penis) …the more you know!


    ahh its nice u guys saw my spray paint art … now im just tryna get these animal lovers off my effin back about my art blah blah blah


    I’m not a 100% on this, but less adrenaline (in dogs as opposed to wolves) is the reason why dogs come in such varied colors, types, different kinds of fur/hair, etc…I think it’s the explanation (in part anyways) for why dogs changed so much in (evolutionary terms) an incredibly short amount of time (<10,000 years). Anyone know if that’s right?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hyenas are pretty docile when they’re little. They have lots of testosterone but they’re not as aggressive as most dog breeds. Bad rap because when they do bite its for good.

    People in Syria keep them as pets. Nigerians keep the adult ones and there’s no shortage of pics on the internet of those freaks all glassy eyed on khot.


    it would be kinda cool to have one of those

    purple banana


    Most (as in roughly 80%) of dog breeds now are less than 500 years old, several more in that 80% are less than 100, so I’ve heard in my genetics classes.


    @purple banana: That young would make the differences even more dramatic.


    Well these little guys aren’t Hyena pups.. not even cross breads by the look of it. Its very easy to tell a hyena from a normal dog. I wonder if they’re spray painted.. which would make me a bit mad.. or something else… *goes searching.*


    All i could find was this:
    If they were being sold on a street corner by a woman who didn’t want any attention and had them in a duffel bag? It’s likely they were painted so she could convince someone to buy them. The ones that look hairless are shaved to apparently show that the stripes aren’t painted on… except that you can paint them on after the shaving, heh.


    Yeah, they look like some just spray painted them through some slots in cardboard.

    @bajizzle: Good find.